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The A-list: Amy Osaba Floral Design

September 17, 2011

Good morning cakelets! This Saturday we’d like to introduce you to the prettiest floral and event designer in all of the south, Amy Osaba. She’s got a style all her own and her florals know how to light up a room.

wedding florist event designer amy osaba

What is or has been your favorite wedding moment?
I think one of the best moments for me as a designer is being there on the day. After all the hard work into putting an event together (all the emails, all the walkthroughs, the back and forth on what to do on the head table). To arrive on the wedding day and present my bride, who typically becomes a friend, with her flowers and see her utter happiness. The energy around her and her friends and family is so infectious. Everyone is so light and excited. That’s when I realize I really do love what I do. To be a part of such a special part of peoples lives is pretty humbling.

Favorite wedding trend of the moment?
Definitely into the metallics right now. And utterly in love with anything sherbet tones.

Wedding trend you’d love to see disappear forever?
Hands down:: mason jars! (not that i don’t love a good mason jar as much as the next gal, just ready for a change)

Do you have a favorite song/band/style of music? Does it define or help shape your work?
Patty Griffin will always be a part of my life. Her music helps shape me as a person which is reflected in my work. It’s strong and soulful yet simple and complex, such a sweet honesty. There’s something really raw and beautiful about her that is rare, that I can only hope to achieve in my own work and relationships.

Is there an artist/designer/generally creative person in a totally different field who inspires you?
I really love Kelly Wearstler. Her design has such a lovely balance of old and new.

If you weren’t a floral/ event designer, what would you be? SANE !

Favorite summer food?
Right now I am eating this yummy Asian beef salad with hummus and cilantro pesto. soooo good. love a salad with spicy flavors!

Thanks Amy for sharing a little piece of the woman behind the magic!

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