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The A-list: Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

September 10, 2011

On this beautiful Saturday we’d like to introduce you to one of our most beloved A-list photographers Charlotte Jenks Lewis. She has such a great eye and the quality of her film is magnifique!

wedding photographer charlotte jenkins lewis

What is or has been your favorite wedding moment (specific or general is fine)? or Tell us 5 things you love about weddings.

I love it when a couple is just so madly in love with one another that their energy and chemistry carries over to everyone at the wedding. These couples make my job so easy! And even I still tear-up at a wedding every now and again.

I love a beautifully designed table.

I love a wedding weekend! It’s always fun when I get to travel for a wedding and there is a whole weekend full of wedding activities. One couple met through intramural sports, and they organized a soccer game with their friends and family members the morning before their wedding. It was so fun and inclusive! I went over in the morning and shot their soccer game!

I love ranunculus and tree roses.

I love it when it rains just a little bit and I can get the bride and groom to take pictures under an umbrella. It rains a lot in the northeast, and you just have to make it work! They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day! Umbrellas can be very romantic!

Favorite wedding trend of the moment? Wedding trend you’d love to see disappear forever?

I love it when people dress their pets up in funny wedding attire and get them to participate in the ceremony. Who doesn’t like a chihuahua ring bearer in a bow-tie?

I love dessert bars. Photographers don’t usually have much time to sit and eat, and by the end of the night things have usually slowed-down a bit. So I love it when I finally get a chance to eat something and there’s say, a sorbet station with fresh raspberry sorbet and gelato with fresh berries and whipped cream, just waiting for me to get me through the last hour!

I am very tired of the couple portrait that is the couple facing forward holding hands. Very tired of seeing this same shot again and again, and I won’t do it on principle. I’m also tired of red balloons in engagement portraits. It was cool the first time we saw it, but doing it again and again makes it cheesy.

I still like chalkboards. I know they’re everywhere now, but I still think they’re charming and cool.

Do you have a favorite song/band/style of music? Does it define or help shape your work? 
Not really.

Is there an artist/designer/generally creative person in a totally different field who inspires you?

Well, I love interior design! I love Susan Dossetter, Windsor Smith, Madeline Weinrib, John Derian, and Jaime Durie of HGTV’s the Outdoor Room. I’m a big Remodelista fan, and I read Apartment Therapy all the time!

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

Maybe an EMT! I think it would be exciting to race around the city in an ambulance and fix people. But if that didn’t work out, I think I would run my own version of Three Potato Four.

Favorite summer food? (we love food).
Ciao Bella Chocolate sorbet
Corn on the cob
Deviled Eggs
Coffee, Cappuccinos in the winter

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