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Creative wedding website: Wedding JOJO

August 29, 2011

You know that wedding website you’ve been thinking about putting together? You want it to be a quick process, not look cheesy, and match your colors, right? No worries, we get it. And, thankfully, so does Wedding JOJO! We’ve mentioned them on this here blog before since we can’t help but spread the love of  their cute and customizable websites, and today we’re excited to share 3 new themes they’ve just added. Listed in order from top to bottom, their new themes are: Paper, Bliss, and Spring. Which one is calling your name?

creative wedding websites creative wedding websites creative wedding websites

These examples are all pretty in pink, but no fret, they’ve also just added a custom color picker that allows the themes to be totally customizable. Double yay! Ok, go check out these and other fun themes on Wedding JOJO!