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70’s vibe love shoot: Joe+Rebecca

August 19, 2011

Let’s get a little personal with today’s couple on this lovely Friday morning, shall we? Visually, this shoot, photographed by The Why We Love, speaks volumes of how talented they are behind the lens (just wait until you see the 16mm video they shot). Emotionally, Joe + Rebecca have stolen our hearts with their story. From how they met, fell in love, spent a year maintaining their relationship via Skype, and held out faith that one day Rebecca would be given her visa to leave Australia and meet Joe once again in Los Angeles – it all makes for one great we-can’t-wait-to-tell-our-kids story.

70's vibe love shoot 70's vibe love shoot

I have to tell you that although we had many trials coming our way, I look back and know that it’s the hardships endured that makes our story so unique. It was this time of trials which forced us to press into and rely on each other and our faith that even though everything around us said it would be virtually impossible for us to be together, we were going to make it.

70's vibe love shoot 70's vibe love shoot 70's vibe love shoot 70's vibe love shoot 70's vibe love shoot

Trust us, you want to read their full story. Rather than us repeat it all, head over to The Why We Love‘s blog to read it straight from Rebecca herself. Before you do that, The Why We Love is sharing this 16mm (super adorable) video they shot of the two lovebirds. Watch and fall in love all over again!

Happy weekend!