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Charming Cape Town wedding: Caleb + Jess

July 19, 2011

We spotted today’s wedding on Frolic’s blog last week and it’s simply heartwarming!  Caleb + Jess, two good friends of photographer Kate McLuckie, exchanged the sweetest “I Do’s” in a small pear farm just outside of Cape Town. You know the saying, “The pictures say it all?” – we couldn’t agree more. The soft and natural elements throughout are a reflection of the spirit Caleb + Jess shared in wishing to create a shared experience for their guests, and the love they have for one another. Go on, you’re going to want to float right into this one!

Charming Cape Town Wedding Charming Cape Town Wedding Charming Cape Town Wedding charming cape town wedding Charming Cape Town Wedding

Jess had recently returned from a trip to Sweden where she stayed with The Sami people – one of the indigenous groups of Northern Sweden, so she used colors, ribbons, and any other decor to reflect the culture she had experienced.

Charming Cape Town Wedding Charming Cape Town Wedding

At the end of the procession the musicians played Jewish wedding music and everyone clapped to the music and hoisted Caleb and I up to carry us to the jetty where we sailed across the lake on a little boat while listening to “Sea of Love” by Cat Power. It was too perfect to be true. Everyone was high on love!

Listen to it here:

Charming Cape Town Wedding

Anyone else dying over these lake photos? (We know you’re thinking about The Notebook right about now too, don’t lie).

Charming Cape Town Wedding Charming Cape Town Wedding Charming Cape Town Wedding

With so many choices of how the dinner tables could have been set up, especially with long communal tables like the ones above, we can’t help but feel smitten with the Marije Vogelzang-inspired eating experience they created here (one of Jess’s favorite designers). The handwritten names of each guest on the large paper runner amidst cheese spreads, wine, figs and stone ground bread purchased from organic farmers directly, work fantastically well.

Charming Cape Town Wedding Charming Cape Town Wedding

A purely joyful wedding this was. Congratulations Caleb + Jess!

Photography: Kate McLuckie / Concept & Design: Mariah Breitenberg and Jess Pedersen / Styling & Execution: Mariah Breitenberg and Amy Ellenbogen / Flowers: Amy Ellenbogen / Bride’s dress: Shelley Ellis / Bride’s belt: Alexandra Höjer / Bridesmaid dresses: J.Crew / Grooms suit: tailor-made in Hong Kong