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“Geek-chic” bridal shower inspiration

July 12, 2011

You know what part of the wedding planning stage needs more love? The bridal shower. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be attending, or even throwing an equally gorgeous bridal shower pre-I do’s. We sometimes like to think of it as the prequel to the actual wedding – a mini version of what you want your day to look like. Here to help inspire us in throwing one fab bridal shower are Molly of Glitter and Rye and Jacqueline and Lindsay of Readyluck Photographers.

schoolhouse bridal shower inspiration schoolhouse bridal shower inspiration

From Molly: We honed the theme to something that was one part science geek-chic and one part vintage glamour girl. I scoured flea markets for cobalt-blue apothecary jars, vintage globes, and science beakers to set the scene. We brought in ferns and plants to add a little botany to the mix. We wanted the feel of the room to be flooded with cool tones and black accents – nothing too pink or too girly.

schoolhouse bridal shower inspiration schoolhouse bridal shower inspiration

I baked pies and made little picks that were a play on the mathematical symbol π and created cake stands with simple plates on a stack of vintage books. It’s a really affordable and customizable option for your dessert table — you can vary the stands’ heights and, by choosing books that are important to you, you can help to influence the feel and mood of the whole day. Add in a blueberry champagne cocktail and you’ve got yourself a party!

schoolhouse bridal shower inspiration schoolhouse bridal shower inspiration

One of my favorite projects is easily translated into events both large and small. Using the local teacher supply store as a resource, I crafted together a library-card guest book with a simple bulletin board, a swatch of blue and green vintage floral fabric, and tacked up library book pockets in a grid. Guests reveal their advice and wise words on the library check out card and tuck them into the pockets. A really easy and affordable project that adds a lot of schoolroom charm! Teacher supply stores are great resources for fun little paper goods, stencils, stickers and cute favors that you can buy in bulk.

schoolhouse bridal shower inspiration

A few lasting tips (we couldn’t have said it better ourselves):

As a bride, don’t feel boxed in by what your friends or relatives have done to celebrate their big day. Instead, be sure to take your personal life and have that reflected in your celebrations. If you’re a science geek, embrace it! Pull in elements from your career, your hobbies and your talents and share them with your guests- they love you for all your little quirks and skills, so highlight them with all the little creative details!

Make every little event special: talk to your photographer about documenting some of the events leading up to your wedding day, from bridal showers to the rehearsal dinner. It’s a great way to familiarize them with the key players they should focus on on your wedding day. Also, designers love small events, so don’t be shy in contacting one for a bridal shower or dinner! A designer can take your wedding day vision and carry the details throughout.  Involving a designer or stylist takes the pressure off those close to you who typically host but also guarantees that you’ll have a party that’s uniquely you and 100% lovely. It ensures that everybody is stress-free and having an amazing time.

Thanks Molly! You’ve made “geek-chic” one of our new favorite themes!

Photography: Jacqueline Schlossman and Lindsay Hite of Readyluck / Stylist: Molly Hartman of Glitter and Rye / Hair and Make-up: Sharon Becker of SB Beauty