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Real wedding: Sara + Hugh

January 24, 2011

Oooooooh. We’ve been waiting for this one for a while! You all know Sara, right? You know, Sprouted Kitchen, only one of our most favoritest food blogs. And Hugh? Her super talented photographer hubs? They’re a pretty great pair. (As evidenced by their collaboration on Sara’s blog.) Their wedding, shot by the extra extra talented James Moes with help from Sergio Mottola, is so lovely in it’s simple desert vibe.

Um, her sister made her dress. And all the bridesmaid dresses. She’s a pretty amazing fashion designer, that sister.

You guys better frame that luscious glowy photo!

Here’s a little bit from Sara that explains how they arrived at their perfect, literally in every way to them… day:

“I can’t describe to you how perfect everything was if you were not physically there, because the personal investment from nearly every person at our wedding, was part of what made it so incredible. With Hugh being in the wedding industry and me spending some time there myself, we had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted. We put funds towards the things that were most important to us (photography, music and food) and then we would do everything else with all the creativity between both of our family and friends. I could give you a lengthy list, but believe me, we were so lucky to have all the talent and help.”

Whitney and Sara’s mom put together all of the tables. Aren’t they lovely, in their simple, relaxed elegance?

Oh, and Michael was there, killing it on the tables. Which naturally ended with people dancing in the pool. He knows how to rock a party, does he not?

One note from Hugh:

“James Moes and Sergio Mottola are like superheroes. I think the most concise way for me to say it is that, as a photographer, their presence and contribution to our wedding day will change how I approach and serve my clients in the future. James and Sergio for president.”

And because this is just the perfect end to any wedding, we end with Sara:

“Every person told me it would all be a blur and I wouldn’t remember anything, so I made every attempt to prove them wrong. I felt very present the whole day and can still feel my heart swell as I think of how elated both Hugh and I were. There are no words; between marrying your best friend and being surrounded and supported by every person you love, there is no greater feeling.”

Awwww. Congrats congrats congrats, Sara and Hugh! Thanks so much for sharing everything with us.

Photography: James Moes, Second Shooter: Sergio Mottola / Location: Ace Hotel Palm Springs / Caterer: King’s Highway / All Dresses: Stone Cold Fox (Sara’s sister Cydney) / Shoes: Kate Preston and Hugo Boss / Hair: Lindsey Neavitt, Crew Salon / Make up: Janelle Walker / Florist: Whitney Rose Events / Suit: J.Crew, Ludlow / DJ: The Flashdance