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Drumroll please…

November 29, 2010

It’s here, people. It’s here. Our big baby has finally been birthed. And we are sooooo excited! We were planning to wait a few days for the official announcement but it looks like the cat’s out of the bag, so here we go!

Just a quick rundown of our site features, for the curious:

The Marketplace:
Where you can buy and sell pieces of your wedding and post/bid on vendor requests. Vendor requests are posted by brides (say, floral arrangements for 12 tables), and bid on by vendors. Vendors have their own portfolios on our site that brides can review before accepting a bid. We think it’s an awesome way for brides and vendors who might not normally connect, to get together and create something beautiful!

DIY Resources:
A list of our DIY projects, plus our directory of the best online resources for crafting your own wedding.

Vendors + Venue:
Our comprehensive list of vendor portfolios, that anyone can join for just $100 a year. It’s the vendor guide for everyone! And don’t forget to check our A-List, where you can see our picks for the most interesting, talented, unique vendors in the industry.

We’ll be doing more extensive posts on each section in the coming weeks, but that should be enough to get you going!

We want to thank you, loyal readers, for being a part of our beginnings! And we have all sorts of other goodies to add to our site in the new year. This really is just the start.