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Black & white backyard wedding: Abigail + Jeronimo

September 13, 2010
Abigail sent us photos of her wedding and, um yeah, no chance we were going to pass them up. It’s all about the couple’s personal style, which is pretty obviously all their own… no influences from the DIY wedding craze here. Which is such a lovely change of pace, isn’t it? Plus you don’t see a ton of strictly black and white wedding photos around these days – or couples with this much panache. We thought it would be a nice way to start the week for all of us.

These two were actually married in Brooklyn months before, but her family is from Ohio, his family is from Brazil, and so this backyard wedding party was the perfect way to bring everyone together to celebrate their marriage and their roots.  And of course their rad style.

We are completely enamored with Abigail’s hair. So perfect with her selection of jewels. And Jeronimo is awfully dapper himself. Major attitude between the two of them. Love it.

Family played a huge part in the creation of this party – Abigail’s Aunt Holly handled the decorations and her Mom made blueberry pies and blueberry lemonade made with berries from her own bushes. See? DIY doesn’t have to involve bunting!

Isn’t it good? It’s sweet and edgy and somehow classy and timeless too. Thank you thank you for sharing, you two!

Photography:  Brother of the bride, Nathan Copan / Chefs + Hosts:  parents of the bride, Vera + Jeff Hall and parents of the groom, Suzana and Luiz de Moraes / Coordination:  Holly Bianco