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Guest Blogger: Heart of Light, DIY cake!

March 19, 2010

I saved my favorite topic for last, friends. I love cake. I will make it any chance I get, and my sister’s wedding was no exception. If you’re considering taking on your own wedding cake, or enlisting a talented friend to help you out, don’t delude yourself. Making a massive amount of cake is a lot of work and it goes better if you have some experience. But there are ways to make it work.


{image c/o Vanilla Bakeshop, Martha Stewart}

Keep it simple – The photos above are examples of cake styles I don’t recommend for an amateur baker. Fondant can be tricky to work with and those gorgeous smooth surfaces are tough to achieve. The intricate detail work is well beyond my skill level.


{image c/o the talented nikole, of Forty-Sixth at Grace & Herriott Grace}

Simple cakes are truly lovely, and relatively easy to create. Nikole’s creations always stun me and although she has bakery experience, they are attainable for the everyday baker, with a bit of practice. (P.S. – If you’re dying over her cake stands, she sells them in her shop).


{image c/o Martha Stewart, right side photos mine}

When my sister asked me to make her cake, we discussed the style first. The left hand photo above was the cake she wanted, and the right hand photos are a couple of cakes that I’ve decorated easily. Her chosen cake was similar enough (stacked layers with no major structural complications, charmingly imperfect buttercream frosting instead of fondant) that we decided I could make it work.


{image c/o Jessica Claire & Jose Villa}

Cover it with flowers – Adding some natural beauty is the easiest way to make a simple cake truly gorgeous. And it takes very little expertise. If your flowers aren’t organic, you’ll want to wash them carefully before putting them directly on the icing.


{image c/o Jordan Ferney}

Make multiples – The talented Jordan Ferney made a beautiful cake buffet for her wedding, displayed on a collection of vintage cake stands (you knew I wouldn’t be able to resist that). I love the idea of having several simple cakes. Not only does it offer guests a choice of flavors, but you could potentially ask several people you love to contribute their favorite cakes, spreading the work around and making it a much less daunting proposition.