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Guest Blogger: Oh Hello Friend, Jane Austen style wedding

March 3, 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot about the theme of my wedding and the style I want to portray. I am such a big fan of Jane Austen: I love her stories, the era, the style, everything! I asked my fiancee if he’d be willing to wear one of the old regency tailcoats…he said not so much. But whether you are a Jane Austen fan or not, it most certainly makes for lovely inspiration.


{dress by Johanna Hehir, eco wedding dress by threadhead}

First we start with the fabulous Jane Austen inspired dresses. I love the simplicity of these dresses, the tiny details and how they flow.


{dresses by Dolly Dimple, necklace by Muntedkowhai, lace umbrella by Pink Frosting , floral hair comb by Whichgoose}

Beautiful laces and trims and fabrics seen in these original and replica regency dresses from the BBC costume set. I’m pretty sure my wedding will include all things lace: love this lace necklace and lace umbrella. Wouldn’t it be fun in a photoshoot? Top it off with a simple floral headpiece and I’m set!


{image c/o: bath assembly room by archidave, book by penguin classics, house by Charles Moorhen}

An old ballroom from the Bath Assembly Room, England. Beautiful chandeliers and ceilings. I will probably have my reception outdoors but I do love this room. I’ve seen old books being used as decor in many weddings, I love collecting old books. This home was actually owned by the brother of Jane Austen. If I could find an old house with a lovely open field, I’d have the wedding of my dreams.


{image c/0: dried flowers by Elizabeth Messina, long table by Small Masterpiece, calligraphy by Kathryn Murray, floral by Adebond}

Love these dried flowers as decor. Especially love the one long table idea and definitely plan to have this at my reception. Calligraphy addressed envelopes are so fabulous and depending on where you live, I’ve seen many calligraphy classes offered so if you have the time, you could learn yourself!

Tomorrow I have a super cute DIY save the date idea. xo, Danni!