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DIY Bodega Flowers with Blossom & Branch

February 18, 2010

Finding a unique and fun idea for a Wedding Shower or Bachelorette party is never easy. Sarah of Blossom and Branch thought of a sweet way to incorporate Bodega Flowers, something you always see on your way home from the office, into a class to cater to us city dwellers. Since Courtney has been guest blogging with us for the week we thought we’d invite her as well as other friends to a class and make it all cute for ya’ll.


From Sarah:

Bodega Flowers: 101″ was dreamed up with the idea that New York City women often feel they are too busy to bring the simple beauty of fresh flowers into their lives. And the savvy consumer is also conscious of the expense of floral arrangements. Meanwhile, We all pass those local groceries with mounds of inexpensive flowers on the way to bus or train. I thought, why not show people how to gather some bunches from the local bodega and create something charming in their home? This class teaches women how to shop for, clean/prepare and arrange flowers, using their own container.


For Courtney and our friends, I selected some basic bunches of roses, tulips and carnations from the local bodega and showed the ladies how to take them from generic to chic.


What’s a party without making it look all cute. Jillian gathered some local talents to help spruce up my apartment for the class. We rolled out craft paper, Love*Jenna used her talents to create personalized workstations, Jillian handmade aprons by using Ikea dish towels and Linda & Harriet donated their zig zag printed note pads for the occasion.

100lc_diybodegaflowers4 100lc_diybodegaflowers5

To spice up the party treats and spirits must be present. I enlisted Sasha Smith of Spin the Bottle NY to provide a wine education and tasting for the ladies. Leah my incredible partner in crime and second mom created scrumptious finger sandwiches. And, a Brooklyn party isn’t quite complete without the help of One Girl Cookies decadent sweets which paired nicely with what Sasha was pouring. All the ladies could take some sweets home with those cute craft bags by Nice Package.

100lc_diybodegaflowers61 100lc_diybodegaflowers7

I gave all the ladies a little instruction and look at em’ go…then Viola! Perfection.


Sarah offers this service for any group interested in learning simple floral design principles and techniques and she will come to you! To hire Sarah for your next soiree or put your name on the mailing list for her next public floral class, email her [email protected].

She can come alone or bring all of her fabulous friends to make your event truly special.

Styling: Jillian Event Design
Calligraphy: Love*Jenna
Photos: Scott Clark
Cookies: One Girl Cookie
Wine: Spin the Bottle
Craft treat bags: Nice Package
Note Pads: Linda & Harriet

We’d also like to thank Courtney for guest blogging with us this week. It was a real pleasure hearing all her wedding ideas from grooms style to invitations and type accents. We wish you all the best with the rest of your planning and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.