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Melanie’s backyard bridal shower

July 8, 2009

Remember the cute gocco’d invites Kristina made for Melanie’s rustic barn wedding bridal shower? Party, people! Photos have finally been sorted and they are ready for your viewing pleasures.

melanie1 melanie2

For the wine tasting portion of the party, Kristina stopped into Bottle Rock in Culver City and had the wine buyer put together a summery set of relatively inexpensive but delicious wines. Which is an awesome tip for anyone hosting a wine party, because seriously, unless you are like REALLY into wine how could you ever put one of these together on your own?

She also made little cards listing the each wine in order of the tasting with space for people to write notes about ones they particularly liked. Which most people lost interest in after about the 3rd sip but they were a cute detail… appreciated soley by those obsessed with wedding/party planning of course.


Flowers came from the farmer’s market and trader joes. For appetizers they had a yummy cheese platter, olives & almonds, and crudite with beet dip. Dinner was a simple squash gratin, green salad, and olive bread.

And then dessert. Possibly the best part of the night. Red Velvet cupcakes, “The Winning-Hearts-and-Minds Cake” from Orangette, and strawberry-rhubarb pie. The best part is both the cupcakes and the cake were made 2 weeks in advance and frozen, which is an excellent idea for anyone thinking about a homemade dessert bar.


Vintage tablecloths from Ebay and Kristina’s grandma’s collection

Napkins: $0.49 Ikea tea towels

Tea light holders: recycled yogurt jars

Wine: Bottle Rock

Musical entertainment: amazing compilations from Michael Antonia of The Flashdance. Srsly, this guy is like REALLY talented. Thank you Michael!