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Real post-wedding party: Sara + Mark

June 11, 2009

WOW. We are ruuuullllly late posting today. It’s practically nighttime for you east coast readers. Sorry about that. Sometimes weeks are busier than others, as you all likely know.

But never fear, we do have something. And it’s a really great thing. Sara and Mark were officially married last November in a small Central Park ceremony. This May, 6 glorious months of wedded bliss later, they threw a party for their family and friends to celebrate their marriage. Aww.

They did everything themselves (which we obvs love). The flowers and fruit for the centerpieces came from Whole Foods and Sara arranged them herself using vases and vessels from the Dollar Store and Ikea. Mark designed their invites and their website. They made super cute Motown lyric buttons and had a huge display of homemade cakes. But you know what’s the best? Games! They had croquet on the lawn and in our opinion every party is better with group activities. Nothing is more fun than sipping cocktails and engaging in leisure sport.


Congrats, Sara and Mark on your awesome lawn party! And of course your marriage.

Venue: Woodlawn Manor / Photography: Cassidy DuHon

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