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Jenna Hein’s wedding inspiration!

March 10, 2009

Most of you probably know of Jenna Hein at this point, unless you’ve been living under a blog rock. She’s an insanely talented, sought after calligrapher and one of our dearest long-time friends. After lettering hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding invitations for super ecstatic brides, it finally became her turn. She got engaged last Fall to Jon (who calls her “darlin”. how cute!). And she’s been planning for their “Coney Island meets Marie Antoinette” wedding in May, while still managing to write her little fingers to the bone for a few lucky clients.

Being her friend also has some nice perks…like having access to all of her collected wedding inspiration, and getting to see her amazing invitations firsthand. But we won’t show those just yet…later…we promise. For now, here is a fun collection of things that are inspiring her as she plans:


more to come…

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