1. WOW- I can see why they would wake up so early….these images are stunning! They look SO in love!

  2. This is incredible. Best idea for an engagement shoot that I’ve seen in a really long time. Very original. What a lucky couple to have such a talented photographer.

  3. OMG so beautiful!! The photographer captured the romance between the couple so perfectly. I’m so incredibly impressed!! I can’t wait to use her for my upcoming wedding!!

  4. Very, very nice! I particularly like the progression the photographer took the photos; first standing with the sunrise and ending with the two being totally engulfed in the sunshine. Nice job!

  5. Great photos of a beautiful day! Photographer captured the moments beautifully!

  6. Evangeline’s photography is sophisticated, fun, quirky, gorgeous and unique…it almost makes me want to get married again!

  7. Oh to be young and in love, with Evangeline Lane to capture the magic. Just stunning!

  8. Wonderful sense of spontaneity, and beautiful rendering of light and atmosphere! <3

  9. There is nothing more important than your wedding photographer!
    Evangeline Lane has captured the beautiful love & romance shared
    between this very cool couple!
    I love the setting of Twin Peaks! Twin Peaks is gorgeous!
    It’s such a spectacular spot for pictures! Great idea!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!!
    I’m sure they will be stunning & very unique!

  10. Evangeline has the eye, the spirit, and love that only an artist as talented as her, could capture in such intimate loving moments of this precious couple! Only Evangeline will do, when I get married! Any precious moment she will capture as our hearts feel it! Truly a genius and incredibly talented tender hearted artist…it shows in her work!

  11. Stunning! Evangeline always manages to portray such honesty in her photos. The couple looks so comfortable and happy :) The photos are elegant, yet relaxed and creative. I would love to have her shoot my wedding!!

  12. What beautiful photography to capture the full and expanding love these people share. I’d love to have Evangeline photograph weddings at my B&B.

  13. wonderful….beautiful photography….Evangeline truly captured the beautiful….memorable moments….Bravo

  14. I said that I would never get married again….but after seeing your work I would get married again just so you could record it. You have an eye and imagination that only comes to very few people. It’s a gift that you are blessed with. You could turn the most mundane into WOW.

  15. Looking at the pics makes me feel as though I’m the one wrapped in the blanket and the love too. The rich creamy warmth is relayed perfectly and has effected me beyond just a visual sense. Not many photographers can convey that. Kudos to Evangeline Lane!

  16. Thanks everyone! What sweet comments. I love my job and I’m so lucky to do this for a living and SO grateful when it’s recognized. <3 <3 <3

  17. Lovely & beautiful Pics.

  18. AMAZING place to hold an engagement! The photos really capture the beauty of the city.

  19. I’ve been shopping around for an engagement/wedding photographer since we got engaged a month ago and I have to say, I’ve yet to see anything that has come close to capturing our spirit and our love until I saw these photos which then led me to Evangeline’s site and what I discovered there took my breath away. So thrilled to have her capture our special moments next year! Evangeline, you and your work are quite stunning, we are honored to welcome you into the most precious occasions of our lives. Thank you.

  20. Thank you Sarah! You’re the best. I can’t wait to document your wedding next year. xx,

  21. Wow…I’m writing from Olympia, Washington State and am helping research wedding photographers for my nephew who lives in LA. He’s not getting married until next year, however, I’m DONE with my research now(!)…because Evangeline Lane is a photographer, yes, but a real artist and a story-teller, a great one, and she doesn’t give away anything either, but let’s the reader/viewer interpret everything. I love that the first part of the story is the context, and then two lovers, soon formally committing to spending their lives together, about to take the leap into marriage, looking out over live and the future, holding hands, but also individuals–and truly, you can tell it will be marriage forever; I also love how they transform to keeping warm together and caring for each other. You can see this and much more with no words. And THAT is why this photographer, to my eye and soul, is phenomenal. Thank you, Evangeline Lane, for all that you bring into what you do and helping these lovers to both share their joy, but also to give their friends and family an understanding of the soul and substance of their connection, and really, so subtly–and in that way so deeply. Nothing is melodramatic. And having this kind of photography that could hold its own in any fine art gallery showing, this is what I want for my great nephew. I will be in touch–Linda Merrill, Olympia, WA

  22. What a beautiful sunrise! Such a great idea!

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