Coronet Diamond Jewelry

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Now let’s see, what do we have here… A little bling to put some sparkle in your Wednesday? We like the sound of that! Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or other diamond jewelry to accent your look, let us introduce you to Coronet Diamonds.

Coronet is a hip and affordable new jewelry brand with a patented solitaire setting, which uses seven diamonds made to look like a single, bigger diamond. (Brilliant, much?) What you end up with is far more luminescence than a standard one-carat stone at a fraction of the cost—aka pretty sweet deal for you and your future hubs. You can browse some of their affordable engagement rings to see all the pretty styles to choose from.

Coronet diamond jewelry also strictly adheres to the Kimberly Process, which means that all of their diamonds are conflict-free. So you can really feel good about those diamond earrings, pendant, or gorgeous sparkler you’re sporting on your left hand.

Coronet jewelry

Coronet jewelry

Ooh la la…

Coronet jewelry

Coronet jewelry

Coronet jewelry

Coronet jewelry

Time to “accidentally” leave the Coronet Diamonds page up on your boo’s laptop! We won’t tell…

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