Wedding photography giveaway by Atlas & Elia

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Did you guys swoon over this rustic fall wedding a few weeks ago like we did? That Washington backdrop was just incredible, but even more beautiful was the way their day was captured by Atlas & Elias. Such a true reflection of their life’s work! And now they’re putting their love of travel + their love of photographing weddings into an amazing giveaway for one community driven couple. Read below for all the deets!

Wedding photography giveaway by Atlas & Elia | 100 Layer Cake

The giveaway:
I’m so inspired when I hear where my couple’s devote their time! I am doubly-intrigued when they’re involved in some way in building a community! I realized that I just love working with couple’s who put a priority on investing in community. And I want to work with more people JUST LIKE THAT! This lead me to come up with a giveaway that I am crazy-excited about!

I am giving away 1 wedding in 2014 or 2015 anywhere in the world, to couple’s who are currently working on a project that invests in community. AND, I want to document that project through photography with them! The project could be about creating a sustainable, volunteer-run garden that feeds those in need, like one of my couple’s in California, or it could be working to make drinking-water safe for people in Kenya, like another of my couples!

How it works: You, or a friend/family member must nominate yourself to be chosen. If you are a couple (or one half of a couple), or know of someone who is: a) getting married in 2014/2015 (anywhere in the world) b) Has a project they are coordinating, or involved in that helps foster community (anywhere in the world), submit a nominating letter, including a photo of the couple.

You have until January 18, 2014 to enter, and  I will review all submissions and pick one winner! Click here to enter!

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Social Love

Amy on Jan 10, 2014

This may sound mean-spirited, but I'm only trying to be helpful: you may want to suggest to your guest bloggers/sponsors that they proofread their posts. Atlas & Elias appear to be a great photography team, but incorrect grammar/punctuation could be a turn-off for those looking to book them. If I were planning a wedding right now, I might think that if Atlas & Elias are sloppy with their advertising, that trait might come out on the day of my wedding. Granted, no one (including myself) has perfect grammar all the time, but a business should be more careful with its public image. Thanks!

Wedding entertainmentmelbourne on Jan 11, 2014

Atlas & Elias are great in photography.

Charlie Walkrich on Jan 11, 2014

Yes, their pictures are really good...

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