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It’s pretty funny to think about life before Postable. They’ve made writing thank you cards ten times more enjoyable than they ever used to be. If you’re new to the wedding planning scene, here’s what you have to look forward to – making a guest list, trying to gather everyone’s mailing address, writing thank you cards for your engagement party gifts, bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, then baby shower gifts (should that day come). That’s a LOT of thank you cards and Postable makes it manageable while keeping things totally personal, pretty, and affordable at $2 a card + stamp.

Check out how easy they make the whole process…

Say Thank You with Postable

If it sounds like Postable does a lot of the work it’s because they do. Here are a few highlights for ya so you can start today:

* Nobody has anybody’s mailing addresses anymore (email addresses & Skype names don’t count people), and it’s a HUGE pain to get them
* Postable is totally free
* It’s private & secure
* It’s insanely easy – you’ll save a month of your life to worry about more fun aspects of your wedding planning
* You can easily export everything to excel or send to your calligrapher or stationer or even print labels!
* They’re fanatical about privacy and will never use any piece of information submitted to the site for any reason other than to provide you with an amazing Address Book.
* And hello, did you see their card designs? They work with some of our favorite designers like Rifle Paper Co., Mr. Boddington’s Studio & Felix Doolittle.

Ok, we’ve said our part, but it really is always more fun to watch a video, yes? Well here ya go.

Cakies, we really think you’ll love Postable especially with the holidays just right around the corner, so we’re going to give you a little something. Get 10% off your first order when you enter coupon code “100LAYERFALL13” when checking out. This code will be good until Oct 31st so hop to it!

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Social Love

Shelley @ThatGirlShelley on Oct 7, 2013

That is convenient and a great way to get those 'Thank You' cards out quickly.

custom engagement invitations on Oct 7, 2013

I have used it. Really great service

meg on Oct 8, 2013

What a cute and EASY idea!

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