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Talk about a heartfelt story. So, we stumbled upon a video of a heartwarming, true story from New York Life’s Keep Good Going campaign. It tugged at our heart strings and got us thinking. Every bride that has ever worn their mother’s wedding dress (or used bits of it in some fashion), said “I Do” in the same exact spot as their mom, or shares the same wedding date as their parents came to mind. There’s been quite a handful of ladies that have done that and graced the pages of our blog, so we reached out to them. They had each told us they used their mother’s wedding dress, so we had to ask to see an original photo of the dress. The photos are the sweetest, plus it’s always fun to take a stroll down memory lane…

mom's wedding gown restyled

Remember this handmade Canadian wedding? Everything was DIY’d to sweet perfection all the way to her wedding dress which the bride altered from her mother’s dress. We’re a little jealous that she hardly had to make any big changes to the dress to begin with!

mom's wedding gown restyled

mom's wedding gown restyled

mom's wedding gown restyled

mom's wedding gown restyled

This Beverly Hills backyard wedding had one of the most adorable dresses we’ve ever seen. The dress was actually her mother’s from 1963, as you can see in the b&w photo. She kept most of the shape of the dress but removed the sleeves, had the entire back replaced with that gorgeous lace, and added a little more poof to the skirt. L-O-V-E!

mom's wedding gown restyled

mom's wedding gown restyled

Back when we featured this colorful Bohemian wedding every bright and cheery detail made us smile. But what was even more beautiful than all the pretty flowers was the heartfelt story behind her dress. It was custom made using bits and pieces from both her grandmother’s and mom’s wedding dresses.

new york life - recycled wedding dress | 100 Layer Cake

Lastly, we couldn’t forget this stunning number that Tauri wore for her Salt Lake City wedding. Tauri’s mother made her beautiful dress. Each vintage lace applique and bead was hand-stitched to the lace body of the top. The skirt is layers upon layers of different shades of delicate vintage tulle to match the top. A portion of her mother’s wedding dress, that she also made, was stitched to the inside of the skirt. Tauri didn’t know she was going to do that until she put the dress on for the ceremony. She could feel it on her leg as she stepped inside the skirt and knew immediately what it was and both cried. Their story tugged at our heartstrings like crazy!

new york-life

Such a sweet wedding tradition to keep alive through the generations.

Ok, so we want to know… who of you out there (and we know there are lots of ya), will be wearing your mother’s wedding dress down the aisle? We’re dying to see pics, so follow us on Instagram @100_layercake and share a photo of the family heirloom you’ll be incorporating into your wedding.

Make sure to use the hashtag #KeepGoodGoing and tag @100_layercake so we can find them!

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Denisse (Lotus Eyes Photography) on Sep 23, 2013

This is awesome. Soo sweet and such a great idea. I love the altering to make the dresses formfitting and look gorgeous too.

Heather Corrigan Emanuele on Sep 23, 2013

Not only did I use lace from my mom's wedding gown to wrap all the bouquets and embellish my veil, we also got married on my grandfather's beautiful property. The same please my parents had their wedding!

Jessie at Gramercy Studio on Sep 23, 2013

What a sweet idea. I had always dreamed of getting married in my mother's dress and using her Juliet veil - but alas, the season was all wrong and I think I have a few more ribs than she did....

tk on Sep 23, 2013


meg on Sep 24, 2013

Obsessed with that short dress! Adorable!

Lauren on Sep 26, 2013

absolutely adored this post! How meaningful!!

Jenice Mans on Nov 22, 2013

I remember my oldest brother getting married and that mustache brings back such giggles. The drive to Chatham was quite the feat and it was such a great day. Thanks for posting the wedding photo of them.

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