13 May

Bridal hair tutorial

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Bridal Hair Tutorial | 100 Layer Cake

Alright ladies, time for some wedding hair inspiration. With so many looks to choose from for your big day, we’re thankful to have hair stylist, Cammy Lau here to share a variety of styles to suit any bride-to-be. She worked with photographer, Jennifer Fujikawa to capture some great tutorials, so if it’s okay with you, we’ll be sharing her other pretty styles in the coming weeks. First up is this relaxed updo adorned with headpieces from Marisol Aparicio.

Bridal Hair Tutorial | 100 Layer Cake

Loose Updo Tutorial
1. Curl entire hair with hot rollers.
2. Tease entire crown of hair to get volume.
3. Gather all hair above ear, and use a rubber band to secure.
4. Use fingers to split the top half of hair, then pull the pony tail, from the bottom up,through the hole you just made. Pin end up and under in a small bun.
5. Section the remaining loose hair into five sections.
6. Roll and pin each section of hair underneath your pinned hair bun, but leave one section in the middle loose.
7. Now you can put a hairband (we recommend one from Marisol Aparicio) near forehead of hair and tie to the bottom back of hair.
8. Pin up the rest of the hair to the hairband to keep from slipping.
9. Spray with Sebastian Shaper Plus for touchable hair and extra hold.

Bridal Hair Tutorial | 100 Layer Cake

Cute, right?

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  1. Looks fab – I love that hair accessory, it’s so chic and elegant! :)

  2. This is great!
    I was going to do my own hair, then last minute decided to leave it up to the professionals. :)


  3. Alright ladies, time for some wedding hair inspiration… http://t.co/Tx7qgly9v5

  4. That hair accessory is just so gorgeous! Great DIY!

  5. Beautiful idea. The model has beautiful hair. If I had hair like that I would probably wouldn’t hide it all. But this idea would be great for ladies that don’t really like their hair. If you are looking for song ideas for your wedding make sure to check out my music blog at http://musicvibetara.blogspot.com/ thanx

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