The Cream Event Los Angeles: Part 4

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The best way to end the week, especially the one going right into Coachella is definitely with these sexy videos of The Cream Event from Wade of Shark Pig and Max & Molly Films. You’ll get what all the hype was about with that epic dance party we teased you about in the other posts when you see it all in motion. Hope y’all have one heck of a weekend.

Don’t forget to check out our entire recap posts here, here, here, and on our Facebook page!

The Cream LA | Photo by Our Labor of Love | 100 Layer Cake

{ Dance photos by Our Labor of Love }

Amazing, right?

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Social Love

@100LayerCake on Apr 12, 2013

Wanna see @TheCreamEvent in motion? Check out these sexy videos from @mrwadekoch & @MaxandMollyFilm!

@sashbuzz on Apr 12, 2013

The Cream Event Los Angeles: Part 4

Ryan @ The Blooming Thread on Apr 12, 2013

Is that Miss Bri Emery I see?.. yes it is! love that chic...

Wedding Planner London - Soirée de Luxe on Apr 12, 2013

So much fun, I love it! Thanks for videos :) Jessica x

@theflashdance on Apr 12, 2013

haha! yeah it is! RT @100LayerCake: @theflashdance @yeahrentals @thelittlestblog This is an epic photo of you two!

@mrwadekoch on Apr 12, 2013


Braedon on Apr 12, 2013

So that's why my neck hurt so bad the next day. Epic videos and great photos. Such a good event girls.

@thelittlestblog on Apr 12, 2013

so fun! RT @100LayerCake: @theflashdance @yeahrentals @thelittlestblog This is an epic photo of you two!

@yeahrentals on Apr 13, 2013

Hey, um, @100LayerCake? We like you guys. Thanks for this amazing post on @TheCreamEvent!

Fliss on Apr 13, 2013

Great photos, anyone looking for personalized wedding invitations and stationery check out my site*/gifts?cg=196910951822482265

Rings on Apr 13, 2013

Images are simply fab - amazing fun captured in these images

@museida_graph on Apr 14, 2013

The Cream Event Los Angeles: Part 4

Jon Harper on Apr 14, 2013

Awesome! Looks like its going right off. Such fun: )

Quintin Mills on Apr 15, 2013

Love that first picture - so cool!

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