Barcelona & Pronovias fashion show recap

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Windows stocked with sweet baked treats with promises of a happy tummy, locals cycling through streets aside zooming taxi’s, restaurant courtyard scenes of conversational midday drinks, fashionable women riding up on sidewalks removing their helmets to expose a look ready to enjoy the evening to come, children chasing each other while their grandparents give their feet a rest, tourists easily mistaken as locals taking siestas in between century old buildings. The city of Barcelona is magical! It’s a place where the interior of a restaurant only becomes alive an hour after the sun’s gone down and damas y caballeros order tapas and bottles of wine and laugh with the maître d, and sundays are closed for shopping to enjoy strolls through the parks with family.

It’s also the location of the largest bridal fashion event! Imagine New York Fashion Week but bridal – that’s how serious Spain takes their wedding gowns. Thanks to Pronovias, I had the utmost privilege of attending the Pronovias grand finale bridal fashion show, held at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) followed by a spectacular dinner, cocktail, dance party at the King of Spain’s Barcelona home. Obviously I could go on, but instead I shall point you to the video my husband, Andres made of the trip! A little bit of Barcelona sightseeing + a little bit of the pretty from the Pronovias 2013 fashion show! Vale!

xo, Junia

The gowns they have coming out for 2013 are stunning. 2013 brides-to-be, let us know if you end up wearing one of their beauties down the aisle!

A huge thank you to Pronovias for the opportunity to see such gorgeous gowns and an unforgettable city!

See more from the fashion show and a preview of their 2013 collection on the Pronovias site.

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Wedding Dress Shops London on May 25, 2012

Thanks for this fabulous post. We absolutely love Pronovias at and this definitely hit the spot. Earlier this year we made a post about our favorite Pronovias for 2012 which we would love if you check it out here: Looks like we have to make one now for the 2013 collection! :-) Thanks again, and let us know what you think.

liz on May 25, 2012

Could you tell me what that song in the video was? I really enjoyed it.

Caribbean Wedding events on May 25, 2012

Nothing but beautiful weddings and stunning gowns in store for 2013....muchas gracias!!!!

Desi on May 25, 2012

those caplets were amazing.

jocey on May 25, 2012

Love it Junia. So great to meet you and your hubby. xoxoxo

Stephanie on May 25, 2012

This video just gave me major goosebumps! Everything is so stunning! I just want to hop on a plane and visit this beautiful city right now! Is that too much to ask for?!

100layercake on May 25, 2012

Hi Liz - the song is Ahora Es Tarde by Los Darts. Glad you enjoyed it!

Esther on May 25, 2012

Yay for Andrés and the beautiful video, I am so happy you guys enjoyed our city! And yes, Pronovias' 2013 collection is stunning :-).

Emma on May 26, 2012

:O LOVE the video, it looks like an iphone app I have that records 8mm film like stuff. Ekkk, gorgeous gowns, too *O*

Nine Photography | Dallas Wedding Photographers on May 27, 2012

Awesome! Just awesome! LOVE that video and the music is perfect.

Noviamorau Online Shop on May 28, 2012

The dress style in the video is amazing! A good recap!

Tommy Schoenen on May 28, 2012

Barcelona is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Absolutely love it!

Christy Harper on May 29, 2012

So beautiful thanks for sharing :)

cheap wedding dresses online shop on Jun 27, 2012

Just want to thanks for sharing these interesting post!

Noviamor on Jul 30, 2012

Great fashion show! I love it!

parisa on Aug 6, 2012

Hi there - this was such a cute video!!! I am trying to plan a wedding in the Barce area and I am looking for different wedding vendors / planners in the area. did you by chance meet any? also does your hubby do wedding videos =)? un abrazo, Parisa

Montjoy on Jan 23, 2013

Looks great!

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