15 May

Colorboard #42 – Summer pop

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The promise of summer has us daydreaming about outside parties and bright colors. These colors are so yummy and modern and fun all at once, aren’t they?

We can totally imagine a wedding or party using all of the elements in the actual board. The photo backdrop, popsicles, peonies, gold leafed carafes… it’s all so inviting.

Credits: Martha Stewart, A Subtle Revelry via Simple Lovely, Mom*Tog, Martha Stewart, this Tumbler.

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  1. The exact colors I’m wanting to do for my bedroom in my new apartment! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. I’ll never tire of pink and gold together.

    Cheers, Elizabeth

  2. I actually used these colors during my wedding, except for the ink though. I love these colors because they look and feel warm.

  3. Pretty close to my wedding colors! Except I have sage green and no ink.

  4. I am actually working on a wedding with very similar colors https://www.etsy.com/listing/99615841/neon-nightlight-tassel-garland Guess these are the hot ticket this summer!

  5. Very pretty color combination. Beautiful blog as well. Keep up the great work.

  6. Ah men! I need those fun bright colours right now…weather here in Holland is not worth anything this week. We want sun, sun, sun!

  7. This colors are perfect for my sister’s outdoor wedding in summer! I’ll have her take a look. Many thanks for the inspiration. =)

  8. those bottles with the gold foil are to die for!!

  9. Fun and happy colors! love them.

  10. Hey there it was a pleasure visting your blog.

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