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airplanes and blazers

Hello party people!!! Airplanes and Blazers is back in effect with round two for the WPPI conference. If you’re going and want tickets to this top secret event leave a comment below, and we’ll pick 2 winners by Saturday. These tickets are for Monday, February 20th 10pm-2am. If you want to secure a spot  in advance you can buy tickets here. Good luck!

(Airplanes & Blazers 2 is the only party at WPPI by photographers, for photographers.  And that’s why we do it: for you, for us!  This is our chance to be the party instead of shooting it! )

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Social Love

Sarah Roshan on Feb 17, 2012

Would LOVE to go to this party! (Plus I am getting published on your blog soon! ;) Thanks for putting together this giveaway!

Alex Stevens on Feb 17, 2012

That'd be awesome!

Kara Purtell on Feb 17, 2012

Almost packed and ready to go! Would love to top off the week with Airplanes & Blazers!

Leslie Hollingsworth on Feb 17, 2012

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these!!! I missed it last year and I want to go this time!!!!!!

Alejandra Vidal on Feb 17, 2012

Would love to get my dancing on at the A&B party!!! Crossing my fingers... here's to hoping I'll be shaking my groove thang with y'all Monday night!! ;)

Laura Anderson on Feb 17, 2012

I challenge you to a dance off! Don't let my whiteness fool you I do know how to shake my booty.

Kristin Matuszak on Feb 17, 2012

My first trip to WPPI and to Vegas. Would love to pretend I'm cool for a night and horrify everyone with my fantasticlly terrible dance skills. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

kathleen frank on Feb 17, 2012

Yay!!! Would love these tickets :)

ally michele on Feb 17, 2012

Yes please!! :) I want to be a big winner!! ;) thanks so much!!

Marcie Ornelas on Feb 17, 2012

I would love two tickets to the best party in vegas!!! oh yes PLEASE.......... Marcie...

Amber on Feb 17, 2012

Scoring tickets would be too cool...packing my dancing shoes & keeping my fingers crossed!

Inderjit Huynh on Feb 17, 2012

Would love to win the tickets to go to such an awesome event. It will definitely be the highlight of my first trip to WPPI :) Thank you for offering such a cool giveaway. xoxo Indu :)

Melissa Lindenthaler on Feb 17, 2012

A/B party in Vegas? Yes please :) The people watching will phenomenal!

Sherri Fuller on Feb 17, 2012

Party Rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time, and we gon make you lose yo mind, everybody just have a good time!!

tara romasanta on Feb 17, 2012

so much yes, pretty pretty please to this!

180360 on Feb 17, 2012

"Let's go crazy! Let's get nuts!" I can't think of a better way to spend a Monday night...

gary on Feb 17, 2012

Ive never been one to beg but in light of the circumstance..... pick me, pick me, pick me...

jamie Mouw on Feb 17, 2012

I am dying yto go to this party!!!! :0)

TealWeddings on Feb 17, 2012

Je t'aime to come to your belle soiree! We are coming all the way from Europe!

Jason Williams on Feb 17, 2012

Bow chicka bow wow.....all of that plus more will be on the A & B agenda this year. We would definitely dig on some free tickets from your lovely faces though! Party like it's 1999 and the Artist formerly known as Prince is there.

Kasia Gilbert on Feb 17, 2012

I can bring you two rockin' ladies all Vegas glam'd up on Monday how bout those tickets darlings {wink}

Sahid on Feb 18, 2012

I already blew all my money at the craps table :( Can you hook it up so I can bring some happiness back in my life?

Ryan Brenizer on Feb 18, 2012

Sho nuff

Laura Miller on Feb 18, 2012

This would be the best way to top of my first trip to WPPI! I am so ready to get all glammed up and put my dancin shoes on. Pick me , Pick me!!!!

Darrell Adkins on Feb 18, 2012

Party time! Missed the party last year but would rock it this year!

Geoff Bardot on Feb 18, 2012

Just landed and excited for Airplanes and Blazers...Need to buy a ticket if I can not win one!

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