23 Dec

Wishing you all..

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Alrighty Cakelets! It’s time to close up until the new year. We’ll miss you all terribly, but to be totally honest, we need a break too!

It’s been an amazing year with you all, and if we could send each of you a personal holiday card in the REAL mail, we would… because you guys are definitely what makes 100 Layer Cake an inspiring, beautiful community. We’re looking forward to a week away from email and screens, (except our phones of course – must keep up with Instagram, after all), and the daily hustle in favor of some relaxed time with family and friends. We hope you all have a chance to enjoy the same.

We’ll be back in January with lots of beautiful weddings, and a really really rad sale in the Pop-Up Shop with Sarah Yates and Birds of a Feather Photography! Those of you getting engaged over Christmas (we know there will be a few of you!), might as well book a super awesome photographer first thing!

Merry Everything to all of you.


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  1. Merry Christmas! Cannot wait to see what the new year brings for you blog!

  2. May bright future upon us, happy holidays too!

  3. Happy and merry to you girls, thank you so much for the great inspiration. Just started to use instagram, how do i find you there? Love Tanja

  4. I really love all the work you did and I know that you will do better…. Best wishes……

  5. Merry Christmas!!!And Expecting the new year!!:D

  6. Happy New Year and a great holiday to your site!

  7. Your blog seems interesting.Regards

  8. Very nice blog. Happy new year to everyone from Italy!

  9. we hope you had a lovely Christmas and a fun NYE!

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    love from San Francisco,

  10. This is a great blog with wonderful ideas. Happy New Year everyone!

  11. nice blog. Happy new year to everyone from Italy!

  12. Consequently, the star found his new food friend was Gummy Bears.

  13. Really happy to see this!

  14. I really love all the work you did and I know that you will do better…. Best wishes

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