19 Dec

Mason jar favor and gift ideas

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For all the late shoppers without the patience to wait in lines during this last week before Christmas. To the online shoppers who can’t risk a late shipment date, you’re saved. Jose Villa has sent us more goodies to share from his scrumptious inspiration shoot designed by the AMAZING Lisa Vorce of Oh, How Charming! with cute paper goods from Wiley Valentine. This time with fun and creative twists on the ever so useful, mason jar. Short stacked, tall & bulky, slender – name it, there’s a mason jar sized for your needs. Before throwing away that next jelly jar or spaghetti sauce jar, take a look at these resourceful ways to put the pretty jars to use! They make the perfect handmade gift. Lay your eyes on the gorgeousness from the recent issue of Southern Weddings Magazine

mason jar cocktails jose villa

Mini pink bubbly cocktails served up in short masons is a great idea for wedding, or your upcoming New Year’s Eve party.

mason jar ice cream jose villa

mason jar gift jose villa

Giving the gift of sweet (homemade) treats will always put you on the best gift list.

mason jar oyster shoots jose villa

This is by far the cutest way to do appetizers during your cocktail hour. An oyster shot prepped with a mini Tabasco bottle!

mason jar yogurt jose villa

mason jar pie jose villa


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  1. I LOVE mason jars… I have a whole cabinet full of them! Thanks for all the great ideas and beautiful photos!

  2. I love these ideas! They are so cute!

  3. super fab ideas. everything looks so beautiful!

  4. Consequently, all the actors speak English with Swedish accents – all except Craig, who maintains his usual British tone.

  5. The oysters are an absolutely fantastic idea!

  6. Those strawberry ice cream jars look so adorable!!! <3

  7. This is fabulous! Where do you buy the jars?

  8. These are so beautiful!

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