Amanda and Tim’s Italy engagement pics!

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Our very last day in Italy we decided it would be fun to do a spontaneous photo shoot to celebrate our recent engagement! When Cinzia Bruschini offered to photograph us, we jumped at the chance. Her work is stunning, plus she is so delightful and vivacious in person. We had such fun meandering around Rome’s quaint Trastevere neighborhood together…

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Kelly on Nov 3, 2011

Love these! How romantic to have a shoot in Rome! You guys look great!

Annie McElwain on Nov 3, 2011

Love them, you look so beautiful and happy. Congrats!!!

sarah on Nov 3, 2011

so great amanda!!! couldn't be happier for you!

abbey on Nov 3, 2011

Love the pics! and love them both!

Junia on Nov 3, 2011 Love it!!! Rad locations, beautiful shots, you two look so stinkin’ cute and it feels so perfect seeing it all unfold on the blog Oh, and btw I totally want to steal the itinerary from your trip and experience it all too!

elizabeth antonia on Nov 3, 2011

wow! wow! wow! gorgeous is an understatement. so happy for you two!!

Desiree on Nov 3, 2011

These pictures are gorgeous and it's so amazing to take them while on a trip! I can't get over how cute her dress is! Please share your source! :)

Tanya on Nov 3, 2011

Congratulations! And what an amazing place to have your engagement photos taken! They're absolutely beautiful. We got ours taken 3 weeks ago and I'm ever so (im)patiently awaiting their arrival in my inbox!

Mary Lee Herrington | Forever & Ever Events on Nov 3, 2011

Wow! So gorgeous - and nothing more romantic than being engaged in Rome! x

Clara boatto on Nov 4, 2011

Ciao Cinzia, well done...your images are always perfect! Clara x

100layercake on Nov 4, 2011

Thanks everyone! Felt so spectacular to be snuggled up with my Timmy on the streets of was so romantic!

Jacquelyn on Nov 5, 2011

Love this set! Wow is all you can say!

Laura on Nov 6, 2011

Congrats! That's why you were looking for a photographer. Cinzia did a beautiful job… but she also had two beautiful and madly in love models to work with! Love it

Katherine Janeway on Nov 8, 2011

Beautiful couple, Beautiful place to be engaged ! Sooooo my dream place to be engaged in ! Congrats to both of you !

Augusta on Nov 16, 2011

Off topic question... Amanda's dress is cute! Anyone knows where it comes form?? Thanks!

100layercake on Dec 5, 2011

Augusta, my dress is from Jcrew.. I think it was from last year's summer collection?

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