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BHLDN decor is here! We picked a few of our faves to share here, but be sure to pop over and see everything yourself!



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Allyson on May 5, 2011

I understand it's y'all's job to source and send out information regarding the newest updates in wedding trends all over the world, and thank you, but I've got to weigh in and just mention how upsetting it is that BHLDN is selling a paper garland for $1500.00. Or a cake topper for about $250.00. Or a floral paper bouquet for almost $300.00 The best thing about all these online blogs and websites about weddings are the empowerment toward women to utilize their own abilities, crafts, and resources to make their wedding really about them, their beloved, and their family. All these items offered by BHLDN have counterparts available on Etsy. And they'll save you HUNDREDS of dollars. So upsetting, bhldn. Stop taking advantage of my wedding day.

Angela on May 5, 2011

It's all so pretty! And also the same stuff that crafters have been making on our own for much cheaper for years. YOURE WELCOME for the inspiration, Anthro.

100layercake on May 5, 2011

Hey ladies! We just thought you all would like to see some pretty things to inspire you for your own planning and crafting. We're certainly not implying that people should spend $1500 on a garland for their DIY wedding. But maybe they like the idea and could make their own instead. And we're always in favor of supporting independent artisans when possible!

Jen on May 5, 2011

I have to agree - i think that BHLDN is really crossing the line here with their prices. feels almost icky. one of those things that makes you stop and think whether you even want to support a business that does that.

Allyson on May 5, 2011

Jen, I totally agree! I've been really into a ton of the pieces and fashions on BHLDN since it came out....but because I KNOW it doesn't cost 1500 dollars to make a garland, all I can assume is that they're taking ADVANTAGE of my wedding day. Furthermore, paper goods seem to have sprung out of a need for thrift--paper bouquets became popular in the 20s and 30s, and then again, now, because women cannot afford to spend almost 250-300 dollars on wedding flowers or bouquets. For them to take an idea that sprang from a totally real idea of thrift and saving, and then price it back to me for an inordinate amount, is pretty offensive. This whole new line makes me not want to shop with them at all. I'm so surprised!

100layercake on May 5, 2011

Also, for some inspiration on creating your own paper flowers like these, check out our post with links to video and text tutorials..

Shiri on May 5, 2011

Totally agree. Appreciate you guys sharing this for inspiration, but I was shocked to see what BHLDN is charging for this stuff. It just seems like they are catering to people who want their weddings to look crafty and DIYed but don't want to do any of the work of creating or sourcing themselves...

100layercake on May 5, 2011

Shiri! I think you're 100% correct. They're catering to couples who either can't find the time or are really just not that crafty. There's room for everyone. I feel like this totally goes under our "Save or Splurge" column ( There'll be certain items w/in your wedding decor you're totally willing to splurge on and others where you have to either do w/o or make on your own. As someone in the wedding biz I can see both sides. The great thing is there are options. For those of you ready to dive in and get crafty BHLDN like Anthro will be a great source of creativity and inspiration. happy crafting! ~j

Stella on May 6, 2011

I don't think that BHLDN is "taking advantage" of anyone. Yes, some of their stuff is insanely pricey, but so what? Feel free not to buy it. Make it yourself or buy it from an Etsy seller. Some people would rather spend money instead of time and effort as a solution, and those people are BHLDN's customers. No biggie.

I Want Wedding Champagne! on May 6, 2011

I agree with the other ladies saying that these products are just to gosh darn expensive! XP I posted about just a small sampling of BHLDN products that are very cheap and easy to DIY on your own, for a tiny fraction of the cost of these overpriced "vintage" products :P

comeonman! on May 6, 2011

I am in total agreement with the ridiculous and outrageous prices that they are asking for their new decor products! I had to even email the company in my outrage! I know they can charge what they want for what they sell, but I will be sure not to buy anything from them and encourage others to do the same! I feel they are out of touch with their customer base especially in this economy. Ya--that paper garland for $1500 bucks--come on, man! And the bird cake topper for $500--I can make that for less than $5. How about selling a paper plate with BHLDN on it for $50,000? I'm sure they will be lining up for that one. I hope that 100layer cake will forward these comments to BHLDN so they can rethink their pricing strategies. I feel it is so greedy that I'm done with anthropologie, too.

Lily | The Yuppie Lifestyle on May 6, 2011

Yes, some people are not that crafty, or are really busy. But making some of this stuff is easy and quick even for a non-crafty person, and I think it would makes the wedding a lot more special when you've crafted a part of it with your own hands instead of with your pocketbook. Here's a super simple tutorial for making those little paper flags:

Miranda on May 6, 2011

My wedding is coming up so soon and I'm frantic with trying to get all the decor planned. I'm making some things, but just don't have the time to make *everything*. I'm willing to spend extra at this point so I can relax for a bit, not lose my mind, and make sure our wedding is as cute as can be. I'm certainly not going to be buying the BHLDN garland, but love so many of their other products! $24 on a pennant garland, as opposed to spending 4 hours shopping for materials and crafting it? YES please!

comeonman! on May 7, 2011

Miranda, You can get better ones on etsy for a cheaper price and totally and completely custom made just for you. Try to shop with them before you drop 24 bucks on something that is made in China. The people on etsy do a great job and put out superior handmade products.

Martin Commins on May 7, 2011

Love the colour, very pretty

April on May 8, 2011

These picks are so beautiful! And thanks for posting those flower tutorials. Wonderful!

Tonia on May 8, 2011

Way too effing expensive!!!!! I mean, come on.

Julia on May 9, 2011

@comeonman, there are actually pieces on their site that are from Etsy looks like they're doing a decent job crediting them too..

gretchen on May 13, 2011

I saw the ring bearer bowls on etsy recently. the artist is paloma's nest. love this idea.™/ You can get a greater variety of them on her site, PLUS you can order customized versions too. AND the $ goes to the artist. Perhaps they are a little more $, but I prefer that all the $ goes to the artist would spend more for that reason. I have seen in other cases Anthro does buy from Etsy folks (a hair fascinator comes to mind) but I don't know how often that happens.

Dublin on Jul 13, 2011

love the table numbers, really classy!

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