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So last week was amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better response to our site launch and we’re so excited to meet so many awesome vendors. We’ve said this before, but in case you missed it… we really really want our site to be a place for everyone, no matter how new or seasoned, big or small. We know that there are all sorts of budgets when it comes to wedding planning and we hope that you lovely brides out there will be able to come to our site and meet up with a vendor who’s style and price are just what you had in mind.

That being said, let’s say hello to a few new folks we’ve found on the site. It’s kind of like Christmas every day, seeing who’s signed up and looking through the photos. Our very own little advent calendar!

Ivy & Aster: Gorgeous gowns and dresses for maids!

MaeMae Paperie: Pretty invites with the perfect touch of modern whimsy (She’ll be at Hitched with us this time too. Yay!)

The Two Man Gentleman Band: aren’t they cute? They are one of two peeps in our Music category at the moment. Which is crazy because it seems like finding good musicians and DJs is so hard for brides. Get in there people!

Cobblestone Catering: Yummy looking, fancy food from Brooklyn.

Isn’t this fun? There are plenty more excellent vendors in our Vendors + Venue section. And if you know someone who’s just getting started, but not sure how to get his/her name out there… ahem. Might we recommend our site?

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Social Love

Chase on Dec 9, 2010

You should fix the typo where you said " place for everyone, no matter how new or seasoned, big or small" to "place for everyone who can afford it". I wish I could list myself here, but I sadly can't afford your steep rates, which cost more than it does to host my own website.

100layercake on Dec 9, 2010

Hi Chase, We're so sorry that you feel that way. We actually think our yearly charge is not only fair and competitive, but much lower than many other well-designed, high profile guides out there. To come up with our price, we asked a number of vendors if it was fair, all who agreed it was not only fair, but an excellent deal. If a vendor books just one wedding per year through our site, his/her listing will certainly be worth the money. If you change your mind, we'd love to have you! We wish you all the best in your efforts.

Julia @ Brides Up North on Dec 10, 2010

Love the Mae Mae designs, really pretty xxx

natalie on Dec 10, 2010

I just want to say - on the opposite side of the coin - I was completely blown away by your prices to be a part of the vendor guide! Advertising in the wedding industry can be outrageous and I was beyond pleased to find not only a reasonable medium to advertise but such a stylish one as well. Thank you, 100 Layer Cake! Oh! And I LOVE the vendor requests page - so clever and simple. <3

100layercake on Dec 10, 2010

Thanks Natalie! We couldn't be happier to hear that you're part of our little community. xx

Danielle on Dec 11, 2010

The price to be listed in the Vendor Guide is amazing!! I have told my fellow industry colleagues here in the Twin Cities about this amazing new website! Well done!

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