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I knew immediately that I wanted my bridesmaids to be able to choose the dress of their liking, but I really struggled on choosing a color. When DLB and I first started planning our wedding, I was really torn on what color I wanted my bridesmaids to wear. I went back and forth between three colors for months. First I wanted eggplant, then eggplant became yellow and yellow became red and red became eggplant again… sigh. I was so confused.


{image c/o A Bryan Photo}

One day I sat down with DLB and we started analyzing our ideas. I’ve never been much of one to wear a lot of color. Both of us are always drawn to neutral, earthy colors, so in the end I decided to have my bridesmaids wear ivory/cream dresses.


{Image c/o Polka Dot Bride}

I know you’ll either love this idea or you’ll think what some of my friends and family did: that I won’t stand out. Well, maybe not. But in the end I think everyone will know who the bride is and it’s what I really want.


{Image c/o Once Wed}

I’m also letting my bridesmaids pick the dress of their choosing with only a few requirements. here are a few dresses I’ve spotted that would make wonderful bridesmaids dresses, or even the perfect dress for a casual wedding!


{Images c/o 1. Beyond Vintage, J. Crew, Calypso, Anthropologie, Dace, Anthropologie, Rose & Ruby, Nordstrom, Anthropologie}

And just because I love a good sneak peek…here’s the first look at what I’ll be wearing. It’s a “once worn” J. Crew gown from a few years ago that I purchased from this pretty girl wearing the dress shown here. I couldn’t have been more happy with the transaction and highly recommend buying used if you’re up for it!


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Jamie on Mar 23, 2010

This is what I was planning on doing. I wasn't sure how it would look but after seeing this I love it! I'm having a small bridal party (probably 3 girls). I think to play it up a bit, I may assign them each an accent color to compliment the wedding colors so they can buy jewelry and shoes that stand out. Ahhhh, sooo freaking fantastic!

Tonia on Mar 23, 2010

First off, I am so excited that Unruly Things is a guest blogger on 100Layer! Two of my fave blogs together....yay! Second, I am a huge fan of the cream/light pink/off-white bridesmaid dresses. I am also allowing my bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, but I'll be with them when we go shopping so I'll have a little say in the matter. The only real requirement is the color. They're going to pick either a cream/blush dress or an eggplant dress. Funny how similar you and I are in our color likes and dislikes!! :) And lastly, your gown is AMAAAZING! Wow. And I love that it's a once-used dress. That is lovely, your wedding is going to be lovely, you are lovely, your blog is lovely, this blog is lovely!!!!!!!!!!! So many lovelies!!! :)

beth h on Mar 23, 2010

I love the idea of letting bridesmaids pick their dress. I'm doing the same thing, with the same requirement of colour. I chose a really light, silvery gray for them. And knowing that my 2 bridesmaids have completely different tastes and body shapes, it felt nice not to force them into something they both could end up hating. And by letting them pick, I hope they can wear them to another event! My gift to them is both a necklace and little clutch purse, picking different ones to match their personality, and their purses are actually holding their bouquets! I have loved every minute of planning my wedding and making it look like a wedding for my fiance and I... I hope I have done that properly and I hope everyone thinks that it was special and not like any wedding they have ever been to before. And I only have 67 days left to wait and find out!

stephanie on Mar 23, 2010

I'm also just choosing a color and a fabric and letting my bridesmaids pick their own style of dress. I think they'd feel much more comfortable in something they feel fits them and their style well. I think the photos of the all white, cream dresses look lovely! It's not something I would personally do (I'm nervous enough about wearing white and probably spilling food or drink all over it!), but it is gorgeous. Lastly, do you know the name of that J. Crew dress you bought? I love it!

Debbie on Mar 23, 2010

So funny...I feel there are several similarities in what we want to do. I'm so excited to get married in the Columbia Gorge region. Originally I wanted purple/eggplant color dresses for my bridesmaids (only two) but want them to pick their dresses but now I'm more in the greyish family and more natural color. I love your wedding dress - definitely meshes well with the style wedding dress I like as well.

Meghan on Mar 23, 2010

Love, love, love your dress! I wish I had considered a once-worn dress when I got married, probably could have saved a bit of money. :)

estherjulee on Mar 23, 2010

Can't agree more. Who knew committing to a color could be so hard. I'm not a fan of the top photo where it all looks like one color of white, but I'm loving the mix of ivory and neutral colors. Mix and matching dresses and having the bm pick is a great idea. :)

Veronica on Mar 23, 2010

My bridesmaids will also be wearing white! I just laugh when people say I won't stand out - um, have you ever looked at anyone else during a ceremony than the bride and groom? We went with white chiffon, so the girls could shop anywhere they wanted and find the dresses they loved most. I think it will be gorgeous on a summer day, and your post just reinforces that idea. Thanks!

Theresa on Mar 23, 2010

Love your dress Alyson! I also love the cream bridesmaid dresses. I'm letting my bridesmaids wear whatever they want, they just have to pick black dresses. I'm sure your wedding will be perfectly you and I can't wait to see pics!

alyson on Mar 23, 2010

thanks so much for the sweet comments ladies! Stephanie - I believe the dress is called Emmeline. I purchased it on Debbie - the Gorge is the perfect place to get married!! it's so magical. Veronica - yes! totally my thoughts! I mean, aren't they the center of attention anyway? :) I think a lot of people's comments and negativity are in the photos. but we're doing some great things to distinguish the ladies, especially through the flowers.

Amy Nieto on Mar 23, 2010

Oh Alyson, you will look soooooooo pretty in that dress!!! Your bridal party will look fantastic wearing lighter "colors" in that beautiful venue of yours. I'm just beating myself up because I can't attend booo on Mar 23, 2010

kind of love the white or pale pink color ways for the bridesmaid dresses! Great finds and beautiful wedding Dress!!

PaperFlora on Mar 23, 2010

White??? why not!! check out my blog . I posted my daughters 4 min. sneak peek wedding video. It is really amazing if I do say so myself, even though all I did was pay for it :)

honeyhuckabee on Mar 23, 2010

Ooh, I love the idea of cream/ivory dresses for bridesmaids! It's such a sweet and intimate color. I'm sure your lovely ladies will appreciate picking out their own dress too! Your dress is amazing, and it's lovely to think it will have had two special days! Very excited about the sneak peek, thanks for showing us !! .honeyhuckabee

Sarah on Mar 23, 2010

Alyson- I love your dress! I think you're going to look beautiful in it!

J. on Mar 23, 2010

I was intrigued when you wrote on your own blog about your bridesmaids wearing cream+ivory. I definitely had the same thought that your friends + family did: How will I tell who's the bride? All the dresses look really lovely, though. I'm growing on the idea! and if people are going to your wedding without knowing who the bride is, well, poo on them. =]

Sarah on Mar 23, 2010

I LOVE the white / off-white dress idea! on the big day everyone will look so amazing standing up next to you. And the dresses you found so far are gorgeous. Props to you for taking a wedding risk! and Congrats!

Sarah @ Foglio Press on Mar 23, 2010

I think this idea is wonderful and really creates an overall light, airy, and somehow (to me anyway!) celebratory feel to the whole wedding party! I'm curious to know what the men will be wearing...? Bridesmaids these days are so lucky and I'm so glad we're finally letting their personalities shine! I'm a MOH in my aunt's upcoming wedding and it meant so much to me to be able to shop and choose my dress with her and have her respect my style and taste. Beautiful choices!

EvaBabeDesigns on Mar 23, 2010

I loved the non-traditional idea of letting your bridesmaids do things a bit differently. I purchased a $200 elegant black and silk gown on sale at Bloomingdales for $50 for each of my bridesmaids and made custom flower purses for them as seen here:

Lara on Mar 23, 2010

your j.crew gown is gorgeous! i'm also wearing j.crew but love that you went "vintage" :) your 'maids will be gorgeous in cream and ivory! i really like that look.

Jill on Mar 23, 2010

I think it's a great idea! My women of honour are all wearing white and I am wearing pale pink. You will stand you because you are the bride. It's a classy look and your bridesmaids will love you for letting them pick their dresses.

Abbey on Mar 23, 2010

Love this! My bridesmaids are all wearing different gold tone/champagne dresses -- they've found some awesome ones and I can't wait to see how they all look together. I'm thinking it will be chic and eclectic instead of matchy matchy.

Melissa Lamkin on Mar 23, 2010

Love it. Just love it! I can't wait to have a bridal client that I style that I can try this with!

alyson on Mar 23, 2010

Jill - I love that you're wearing pale pink! sounds so fun.

Brigitta Ryan {duo} on Mar 23, 2010

Oh wow. You're going to look stunning in that dress. I love the texture. And well done for buying used (pre-loved is always a good thing). As for the bridesmaids, what a fabulous Idea. I really wish I'd thought of neutral tones too.

jen jafarzadeh on Mar 24, 2010

omg, gorgeous dress pick alyson!!

Immortal Bird on Mar 24, 2010

Historically, bridesmaids DID wear white. The whole point of having other girls in white was so that the spirits people of that time believed in would not mess with the bride and ruin the wedding. And trust me, no one can out-do the bride. No attention will be off of you!

redfrizzz on Mar 24, 2010

what site did you go through to find your wedding dress?

alyson on Mar 25, 2010

redfrizzz - I bought my dress through

a Banana in a white dress on Mar 25, 2010

I love this post-- we have done the same thing. There was some resistance from my mom because I only have my MOH standing with me and moms was worried I wouldn't stand out (totally silly, as its been said earlier), but once I showed her this post she said, "ohhhhh. I like that!" NICE mom!

blanche on Mar 27, 2010

lovely! all my bridesmaids are wearing white, too, but i'll be wearing pale pink. it's great to see how it looks in photos 8 )

Belinda @ B Studio Wedding Invitations on Apr 11, 2010

Lovely photos! And wow so many bridesmaids! It must have been a real ball on the day to be surrounded by so many close friends! I had 3 bridesmaids for my own wedding and that was already tough at times to co-ordinate so well done!

Amy on Apr 13, 2010

I love your dress! But I can't find it anywhere! Are you willing to sell?

alyson on Apr 29, 2010

hi Amy! email me after July if you still can't find it and we'll chat. I might be up for it. :)

Boutique Dresses on Oct 7, 2011

Love this! My bridesmaids are all wearing different gold tone/champagne dresses — they’ve found some awesome ones and I can’t wait to see how they all look together. I’m thinking it will be chic and eclectic instead of matchy matchy. ____________ Roland

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