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Last weekend Jillian and Jenna, along with Blossom & Branch did the most spectacular collaboration for their booth at the “Here Comes the Brooklyn Bride” BAM event. Together they created a unique tablescape to reflect their business offerings within the industry. Since they only had one table they decided to make the most of their ideas by splitting it in half and designed a vintage concept on one side and a modern concept on the other.


The vintage concept had a Marie Antoinette feel, dripping with shimmery gold and accented with blush pinks and turquoise. (ooooo!) Jenna created the fantastic “Just Married” sign above, bursting out of a horn with gold glitter. (ahhhhh!)


Blossom & Branch created a beautiful arrangement in a vintage vase with gold glitter spirals. And, yes you’re seeing Hostess snowballs over there…while they may or may not be the most appetizing they sure make a statement within this tablescape. We’re dying over those scroll escort cards with gold glitter edge.


A few other touches worth mentioning were this gold sparkled paper instead of a fabric runner. It’s such an affordable way to create ambiance if you don’t want to do a custom runner. Also, Jillian choose to use paper napkins printed with dainty cake illustrations…a perfect tie-back to their Marie Antoinette theme.



For the Modern look they went with a Kate Spade meets Brooklyn feel. If you haven’t seen pics of the Kate Spade flagship store in NY lately, the whole thing is decorated in a wondrous tape installation by Rebecca Ward. Clearly the perfect inspiration for the table! The use of ribbon is such a stunning and inexpensive way to add oodles of flair to a plain white tablecloth.


To add humor Jillian & Jenna created these playful silhouetted escort cards that have different phrases in each thought bubble. And they thought, if you’re representing Brooklyn you gotta have some Brooklyn gum.


Blossom and Branch mimicked the modern theme with beautiful monochromatic arrangements. Check out those amazing pink pineapple flowers!


Lastly, they couldn’t resist using Italian Campari soda bottles with hot pink striped straws as a cute favor or drink idea. The tags say “xo Red Hook” and represent a neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Fantastic job ladies!

Event design & styling: Jillian Event Design

Calligraphy: Love*Jenna

Flowers: Blossom & Branch

Photo by: Scott Clark Photo & Robert Wagner

Rentals: Party Rental Ltd

Vintage dishes: Jenna’s personal collection, available for rentals

Gold sparkle table runner: Kate’s Paperie

Hot pink straws: Kate’s Paperie

Cake printed napkins: Gracious Home

Green polka dot napkins & paper goods: Handmade by Jillian

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Social Love

Jackie @ Merci New York on Mar 17, 2010

I just adore Sarah from Blossom and Branch - her work here is amazing, and she's the sweetest person, ever. Everything came together beautifully- All of your collaborations are so fluid and perfectly designed!

Jessi (NYC) on Mar 17, 2010

I absolutely loved your display at the BAM wedding event. You all had so many great ideas. It was wonderful to see your designs in person - truly inspired. Excellent event, thank you!

Lauren on Mar 17, 2010

Before I even read the explanation below the picture, I said, that looks like Kate Spade! They did a perfect representation of her style. Modern and bright but always somehow very classic as well. Thanks for sharing.

Lauren on Mar 17, 2010

Sorry, gave you the wrong link to my blog, hope you'll check it out sometime-I just love this one!

Rock Paper Scissors Events on Mar 17, 2010

This came out so well and has so many great ideas for brides!! So bummed I missed the event to see it in person, but the pics are beautiful. xo, Ara

mika78 on Mar 17, 2010

love this! great job as always, ladies!

Kelly @ Notable Inspiration on Mar 17, 2010

Totally love both of these! The vintage is completely my style and the modern is so fresh and fun! Striped straws and silhouettes? Yes please!

kelly :: yes, please design on Mar 17, 2010

love love love them both. amazing job ladies! xo

Veronica on Mar 17, 2010

oh man, i LOVE the snowballs - what a great idea! so pink and frothy . . .

Cheryl (Make Me Joyful) on Mar 17, 2010

Utterly beautiful. I'd find it impossible to choose between these looks...

Lanie @ Lovely on Mar 17, 2010

These tablescapes are so amazing! I will definitely use the ribbon idea for dinner parties this summer!

rebecca on Mar 17, 2010

You girls rock! Beautiful..... Awesome..... Amazing!

Cherie (A Beautiful Touch) on Mar 17, 2010

I absolutely LOVED the designs. Truly beautiful and inspirational. What a joy! Great work! I am in the Wedding industry but studied Interior Design for 6 years. When I saw this amazing work, something told me that I would love to venture off and take a new departure:-)

Social Couture on Mar 17, 2010

WOW! She definitely did not miss a thing. These tablescapes are gorgeous to say the least! Thank you for sharing - they are definitely a true inspiration.

Stephanie @ Starry Night Design Studio on Mar 18, 2010

The vintage looking one is amazing. I love everything about it and can't even pick just one thing to comment on. It's just beautiful!

Lucy on Mar 18, 2010

the floral design is amazing! something OLD and something NEW... creative, fresh, inventive. sign me up!

Lucy on Mar 18, 2010

the floral design is amazing! something OLD and something NEW... creative, fresh, inventive. sign me up!

nycali on Mar 18, 2010

i live in brooklyn...where can i get that gum?? my wedding will be in california, but a little bit of brooklyn would be nice. thanks.

Lucy on Mar 19, 2010

lovely. truly "something OLD & something NEW"

La Vie Le Gage Couture Events Wedding Planning on Mar 19, 2010

I planned a French Couture "Marie Antoinette" wedding last August! This is so lovely! The details are amazing! Renting your own dishes, marvelous! Love the modern inspiration as well. Joyce Goeppinger Colorado

Snotty McSnotterson on Mar 21, 2010

Dy. ing. I'll take both to go, please.

Betsy on Mar 21, 2010

LOVING the Kate Spade meets Brooklyn tablescape! Will be bookmarking this for future inspiration for sure!!

paige appel on Mar 21, 2010

super fun, and fresh!

Sarah Pease | Brilliant Event Planning on Mar 23, 2010

Those are some amazing ceramic table numbers!! Love em!

Ashleigh on Mar 26, 2010

It looked even more beautiful in person! Still loving the Vintage design!!

Vintage Vase on Jun 8, 2010

I love the little Campari bottles, that is such a neat idea!

low price air jordans on Mar 7, 2011

This sneak peek was really really gorgeous

elsa mats on Mar 22, 2011

Oh what a wonderful spread! I think I might have to work in the Campari and straws.... I'm thinking gray stripes! Kate's doesn't seem to carry them anymore - I found gray strips and red stripes here for what seems like a good price ...

Emily on Oct 15, 2011

Hello! I've been looking into using Kraft paper for runners at my wedding, maybe with a metallic painted stripe down the middle to dress it up a bit. BUT I love this gold paper from Kate's Paperie. I know the paper is not a roll, but 20" x 30" sheets - did you overlap the sheets to create runner? Or leave space in the middle? I'd love any advice on using paper. Thanks!

Perry on Oct 16, 2011

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