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I’ve been thinking a lot about the theme of my wedding and the style I want to portray. I am such a big fan of Jane Austen: I love her stories, the era, the style, everything! I asked my fiancee if he’d be willing to wear one of the old regency tailcoats…he said not so much. But whether you are a Jane Austen fan or not, it most certainly makes for lovely inspiration.


{dress by Johanna Hehir, eco wedding dress by threadhead}

First we start with the fabulous Jane Austen inspired dresses. I love the simplicity of these dresses, the tiny details and how they flow.


{dresses by Dolly Dimple, necklace by Muntedkowhai, lace umbrella by Pink Frosting , floral hair comb by Whichgoose}

Beautiful laces and trims and fabrics seen in these original and replica regency dresses from the BBC costume set. I’m pretty sure my wedding will include all things lace: love this lace necklace and lace umbrella. Wouldn’t it be fun in a photoshoot? Top it off with a simple floral headpiece and I’m set!


{image c/o: bath assembly room by archidave, book by penguin classics, house by Charles Moorhen}

An old ballroom from the Bath Assembly Room, England. Beautiful chandeliers and ceilings. I will probably have my reception outdoors but I do love this room. I’ve seen old books being used as decor in many weddings, I love collecting old books. This home was actually owned by the brother of Jane Austen. If I could find an old house with a lovely open field, I’d have the wedding of my dreams.


{image c/0: dried flowers by Elizabeth Messina, long table by Small Masterpiece, calligraphy by Kathryn Murray, floral by Adebond}

Love these dried flowers as decor. Especially love the one long table idea and definitely plan to have this at my reception. Calligraphy addressed envelopes are so fabulous and depending on where you live, I’ve seen many calligraphy classes offered so if you have the time, you could learn yourself!

Tomorrow I have a super cute DIY save the date idea. xo, Danni!

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Social Love

Lisa Ridgely on Mar 3, 2010

Danni, this is such beautiful inspiration! I love this era too. The dresses are so pretty, and that ballroom would be a gorgeous venue.

miss fancy pants (the bride) on Mar 3, 2010

Awesome inspiration! I'm a big fan of Austen and while the era doesn't fit my personal style or the Mr.'s, it's awesome to see it all come together as wedding inspiration. Well done.

Sandy on Mar 3, 2010

All of these details really flow together well, from the dress, to the flower in hair, to the dried flower details, and I hope you find your house in an open field b/c you SHOULD have the wedding of your dreams!! =) I can just imagine how beautiful your wedding will be, Danni!

Moni on Mar 3, 2010

I love it! There have been so many amazing literary ideas floating around the wedding world lately too (old leather bound books for centerpieces or favors/guestbooks) there is so much you could do with this! I also think it'd be lovely to mix Jane Austen inspiration (dress) with more modern details (for your groom's attire perhaps). I actually had two friends have 18th century american ballroom dancing for their reception (complete with dance mistress) .. just like the balls in PnP! It was So much fun and everyone loved it!!

Danielle Hensley on Mar 3, 2010

I adore Jane Austen and the romantic feel of all her novels. Austen's style fits perfectly into a wedding. I just loved it!

Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs on Mar 3, 2010

Oh, wow! I have really been caught up in the Jane Austen PBS specials, so these visuals fit my thinking lately! Beautiful...Thanks for sharing!

english bride on Mar 3, 2010

Oh my gosh - we live right near to Chawton House Library - it's the most amazing place and the photo doesn't do it justice! The drive is amazing and it allows weddings to take place there - so people really can have a Jane Austen day. Its great for picnics and bike rides too, and has a lovely country pub nearby. It's such a shock to see it here! on Mar 3, 2010

beautiful inspiration! Love the french romantic feel I get from this!

lydia on Mar 3, 2010

LOVE jane austen and love the style/era that she wrote about. danni, this is such a perfectly themed wedding style/idea.

Amanda on Mar 3, 2010

*sigh* So much of loveliness!

Desiree Spinner on Mar 3, 2010

love pride and prejudice and love this:)

alli/hooray on Mar 3, 2010

Such a perfect inspiration post, Danni! I adore the Austen style + era.

Juana on Mar 3, 2010

What a lovely inspiration for a wedding :) right out of a Jane Austen book !!!

SageandStyle on Mar 3, 2010

Everything about this just oozes beauty. I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen (I always envisioned myself in an empire-style gown a la Elizabeth Bennett) and can pull so much inspiration from this to carry it to modern-day. I could even see including pertinent excerpts of the books in the programs which could be designed like mini-novels! Brilliant, Danni.

Newly Domesticated on Mar 3, 2010

well this post now has me wanting to replan my entire wedding. Now if only I were marrying Mr. Darcy or Colonel Brandon...

Alexandra Hunt on Mar 3, 2010

My original wedding plan was based on a period regency wedding. This is lovely!

Erin on Mar 3, 2010

4 images = endless inspiration... simply beautiful!

Mandy on Mar 3, 2010

yes. yes. yes.

Rachel B. on Mar 3, 2010

How very lovely! It would be just beautiful to have a Jane inspired wedding. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I must get on the ball and begin to steep my daughter in all things Jane!

youngmi on Mar 3, 2010

yay i love jane austen! i can't stop watching the new emma on pbs :) the dresses you've included are especially lovely.

{lauryl} on Mar 3, 2010

Love these inspiration photos, Dani! Before I became a floral designer, I was a costume designer. For many years I ran a company called "Regency Regalia," and I designed and made quite a few Jane Austen style wedding and bridesmaid gowns. I think the regency style is classic. Totally classic. ;-)

ABC Dragoo on Mar 4, 2010

That dress is almost Roman looking... really pretty. Reminds me of some of the dresses Reem Acra was doing back when I was planning my wedding.

Nic on Mar 4, 2010

In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. *le sigh*

naoisem on Mar 5, 2010

I've been considering a Jane Austen style wedding for a while (well since my 12th birthday) this is just dreamy. sigh.

Amanda on Mar 5, 2010

What a lovely post! So beautiful..thanks for sharing! Jane Austen's stories are so inspiring and I featured a post based on her as well. Great minds think alike! I am always inspired by this blog and now I've started one too! Please check it out: Enjoy!

Rachel Elizabeth on Mar 5, 2010

I am totally in love with that dress and this whole idea. Beautiful, literate and classy.

Iva Y. on Mar 6, 2010

Oh, dear, I am so excited about your wedding! :) I am just dying to see what everything will look like because I am sure it will be gorgeous!! What came up to my mind is that you can somehow use pages of an old Jane Austen's book - for decoration or for the names on the table etc. The very first picture is amazing - I love the dress and the hair so much! Wouldn't you like to dress like this every day? Aw :)

Events Manager on Mar 8, 2010

You'll find much better images of Chawton House, Hampshire on our page ( - perfect for the Jane Austen inspired wedding in the house once owned by her brother that Jane herself visited regularly. We have a civil ceremony license for three of our rooms and also cater for wedding reception and marquees on the lawn.

Susan on Mar 10, 2010

I just created a Pride and Prejudice Charm Bracelet for my Etsy, then I stumbled on your page. Great photos! I would love every wedding to be Regency! It's so romantic!

Helen on Feb 20, 2011

Your photos are beautiful! I am planning my own second wedding for late december 2011 and have also chose a Jane Austen theme with a few twists (green/vegetarian/eco). My search for appropriate bridesmaids dresses has not been fruitful so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I suppose I could go with a seamstress but was hoping I could find something less time consuming. I envision an empire waist, some sort of sleeve and of course long but that is not too costume-like. What I have come across is made from a very sheer fabric and this wedding will take place during the winter (20-30 degrees F) and I am usure of how appropriate that would be. Any and all input greatly appreciated.

Michelle Moore on Mar 31, 2011

how much was the dress if you don't mind me asking? i would love to have one for my own wedding!!!!!!!

Somersaultingthroughlife on Mar 31, 2012

I'd love a Jane Austen wedding! What beautiful pictures...

Karen on Apr 18, 2012

@Michelle Moore. I followed her link...the dress on the is $795. Not sure about the other. Love this post! It's so dreamy and sweet. Some really good ideas. Thanks!

Wedding Venues on Dec 21, 2012

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ask on May 12, 2015

Good post. I certainly love this site. Stick with it!

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