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In general, we’re a little tired of brown as a wedding color… but we saw these beautiful shots on Anna Williams’s site and decided we’d perhaps been too hasty. We’re sorry brown, we’d forgotten how pretty you can be when you’re in your darkest shade…

Left to right, top to bottom: Anna Williams, Sweet Paul, Eric Kass, Anna Williams

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Social Love

A on Apr 8, 2009

Wow, those deep browns are gorgeous. Makes me wish I was having a fall wedding. :)

heather on Apr 8, 2009

GORGEOUS! Chocolate brown is one of my favorite colors!

Melissa on Apr 8, 2009

I love dark brown, it's such a pretty color. That dress is amazing! :)

Meghan on Apr 8, 2009

I don't dislike brown as a wedding color. I think it provides a softer alternative to black, but I do agree that a dark rich brown is most lovely! Beautiful board!

Kisses & Kumquats on Apr 8, 2009

That chocolatey dress up top is sheer perfection!!!!! le sigh!!! =) gorgeous post!

edyta szyszlo photo on Apr 8, 2009

this is perfection! i agree 100 layer about brown but done like this...bring it on!

Tracey on Apr 8, 2009

I think dark brown is so attractive and rich. It compliments any color or can stand on it's own! Lovely!

Mariana Maya Photography on Apr 8, 2009

those browns are amazing. I would love to see a canvas & peach wedding dress with espresso bridesmaid dresses!

Emily on Apr 8, 2009

Gorgeous! Your boards are always so lovely!

Courtney on Apr 8, 2009

What a gorgeous palette. Lovely.

RhiannonM on Apr 8, 2009

Oh I love the contrast of the materials and the food. Such a good color combination in general though, not just because it looks tasty in places. Thank you for the inspiration!

cassandra on Apr 8, 2009

i am just pretty much head over heels in love with your palettes. keep 'em coming! they're all so beautiful and inspiring!!!

mimsie on Apr 9, 2009

Oooh I love it! It looks so elegant and subtley decedant. i agree that the dress is stunning and those earrings are gorgeous as well.

Michelle May on Apr 9, 2009

Again, amazing. I was looking at figs this morning for a post! This is one of my all time favs from Colin Cooke. They are so very sexy and the colors compliment the billowing dress and the great contrast in the spool shot! Love it.

Amy@OldSweetSong on Apr 9, 2009

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. This one is breathtaking!

liz song on Apr 9, 2009

fantastic. i love this for a fall look.. (hm. ok.. an anytime look! haha)

Kelley on Apr 9, 2009

These are my living room colors! The combo creates a soft, warm yet bold environment. I love it!

Heather on Apr 13, 2009

i like this new dark brown, was ready for a change. This is SO rich!

Sone' on Apr 14, 2009

I love wedding invites! I think they are just gorges! I got married recently and made my own wedding invites! Just looking at your designs makes me want to redo them and gets me inspired all over again! I can send you some of my wedding photos, the theme was 1920's romance and we got married in a beautiful anglican church.. girls wore gloves, boys pocketwatches, i had peonies and the girls vintage roses... with red lipstick!

Pagoman on Mar 8, 2010

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