Piper Jewels


Piper Jewels, a player in the luxury jewelry industry, is thrilled to announce an exciting development that put it ahead of its competition. The brand's exquisite jewelry's catalog, crafted in the same renowned factory as esteemed luxury brands such as Cartier, is now fully available online at revolutionary prices.

By leveraging the exceptional craftsmanship and expertise of the shared production facility, Piper Jewels can maintain the highest standards in jewelry creation while streamlining manufacturing costs. This unique advantage enables the brand to present customers with an irresistible opportunity to own luxurious, handcrafted pieces without the exorbitant price tags typically associated with renowned luxury jewelry brands.

"Piper Jewels has always been committed to delivering excellence and unmatched value to our esteemed customers," said Steven Messler, CEO at Piper Jewels. "By producing our jewelry in the same factory as the world’s best, we bring together the expertise of world-class artisans with our innovative approach to design, resulting in exceptional pieces that are more accessible to jewelry lovers around the globe."

Piper Jewels takes pride in creating captivating jewelry collections that span from timeless classics to contemporary designs, all meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Every piece exudes a harmonious blend of artistic brilliance and refined elegance, elevating personal style and celebrating life's most cherished moments.



  • Texas: Austin