Jupiter Booth

Photo Booths

Jupiter Booth: An Editorial Photo Booth Experience. Our hand carved, walnut photo booth is an all-in-one system that discreetly includes a 4K camera, lighting, printer and two touchscreens to select, share and print your images. Our gorgeous booth complements any aesthetic and will go beautifully with your carefully considered decor. As lovers of interior design and fashion, we aim to offer backgrounds that are eye-catching (but not in a bad way). Like our booth, our backgrounds will complement your venue and design aesthetic as well as your lovely attire. If you have you own background design in mind, reach out to us at least three weeks before your events and we can have a custom background created just for you! We will also work with you to create custom print templates for your photo prints. Our booth prints both 4x6 or two 2x6 photo strips!



  • Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Orange County