White Arch/Window Frame/Altar Backdrop Canopy/Chuppah (To Rent or Buy)

category: Wedding Decor seller: Lovebird621
Pretty explanatory. This was hand made and is solid, thick, and importantly - symmetrical. It is a little over 8x4 and folds in half for storage. it has detachable "legs" on the back to allow it to free stand as pictured

Since being photographed the paint was refreshed.

Before shipping this is listed at $125.00 (75.00 to rent)

Shipping Costs depend on location and is estimated between $80-100. The $225 reflects a predicted $100 shipping charge. (Covering about 450 mile range) I am willing to adjust the shipping charge based on buyer's location.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Excellent
  • $125.00
  • Dependent on Buyers Location
  • PayPal, Cash/Check if Local
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