13 Modern Wood Table Numbers

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I am selling 13 table numbers (1-13) that my husband and I made and used in our own wedding in October. Each is stained in a light walnut color. The numbers are silver and are in a mid-century modern font. The numbers themselves are usually used to mark a home's address.

The approximate dimensions of each block are below. The units are substantial in weight, so they won't tip over in windy weather (it was fairly windy at our wedding, but no issues).
1.5" deep
7" wide
5.25" tall

We decided to make our own, as I couldn't find any numbers that matched my desired aesthetic. We put a lot of time into these, so hopefully someone else can get use out of them.
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Excellent
  • $90
  • $30
  • PayPal [email protected] or venmo @ohhelloclo
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