Wedding Ceiling Drapery

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This is my DIY Venue Drapery Decor Kit. It comes with 600 feet of soft tulle fabric. You choose the color (white is my most popular). The fabric is shipped in 5 fabric bolts with 120 feet on each bolt. I include my instructions which includes several drapery designs with full instructions and how to video links for visuals. I do not include lights in this package or hardware. So many venues restrict what you can use to hang drapery with, you must contact your venue to find out their restrictions . I include a list of the best hanging hardware and where to buy in my manual. Many venues actually supply their own hardware but not the labor. Labor for hanging and design can cost up to $3,000 depending on the space. The DIY kit saves so much money. I send a Paypal invoice with all the same protections as a purchase on ebay. Feel free to message me with questions or visit my website
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