48 Long Stem Candle Holders (16 3pc Sets)

category: Wedding Decor seller: BridesBestFriend
16 - 3 pc Centerpiece Sets Only $10 per Centerpiece!! plus shipping A total of 48 Striking long-stem candle holders are an elegant choice for scattering candlelight at any event! 2-1/8"x 6", 7", and 8" tall. Round glass cups sit atop slender stems and are the perfect size for holding tea lights, plus their simple, clear design allows the candlelight to take center stage and set a romantic, warm ambiance. Group them together to make a dramatic statement at your wedding. A must-have purchase for brides. Message me if you need more (candles not included)
  • San Felipe, TX
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  • $160.00
  • $15.00
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