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Attn DC, MD and Nova Brides and caterers! Save money - buy, don't rent your dishes. We got married this fall and I saved thousands of dollars by buying my dishes and platters for a family style, sit down dinner for 150 people and am looking to share my savings with you!

Dinnerware: Below are individual prices, but the whole lot is available for $1,700
~150 gold chargers - $1 -- SOLD
~200 Round White Plates - $1
~50 Matching White Coffee Mugs -$1
~175 Water/Iced Tea Goblets - $1.50
~200 High Ball Glasses - $1.50
~230 Wine Glasses - $1
~95 Champagne Glasses - $1
~154 5-Piece Flatware Set (Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Knife, Tablespoon, Teaspoon) - $3

Platters: We did a family style dinner for about 20 tables. The prices for individual pieces are listed below, but the whole lot is for sale at $600.
~20 casserole dishes (used for chx parm and spaghetti)-$7
~20 square platters (used for salmon) - $5
~ 20 round platters (used for veggies) -$5
~ 20 clear salad bowls - $3
~ 20 bread baskets -$3
~80 pairs of white tongs $3

Contact me if you are interested or have any questions-- [email protected]

Thanks and good luck with your wedding planning!!
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