Manzanita Tree with BLING (PICKUP ONLY)

category: Wedding Decor seller: Dana2015
These Manzanita branches create a dazzling crystal tree for your wedding. Use as a centerpiece or as a wishing tree for your special day.

The natural branches from California,
are reddish brown in color and come with ALL the hanging crystals shown. Each branch measures between 18-26” long, 16-17” wide, and 6-8” deep. There are 3 branches in the decorated pot. The overall size of the tree is approx 36 inches wide and at least 3 feet tall.

Because of the weight, size and delicate nature of the branches, this item cannot be shipped and is PICK UP ONLY.

Nassau County area of NY
  • Seaford New York 11783
  • Excellent
  • $95.00
  • pickup near Seaford - Long Island NY
  • PayPal (prior to pickup)
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