5 reasons buying a ring online will be the best decision you’ve ever made (besides saying Yes!)

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Engagement rings by ClearOrigins

It seems like every time we chat about the engagement ring process, the option to purchase your ring online comes up. While browsing pretty bling from the comfort of our homes sounds like a total win to us, we can understand why some have reservations. There’s a lot of info out there! Being purveyors of beautiful ethically made diamonds themselves, our friends at Clean Origin gave us the scoop on what shopping rings online is really like. Here’s our top 5 reasons buying a ring online could be one of the best wedding decisions you make!

Engagement rings by ClearOrigins

1. It’s more convenient. Sometimes making an important purchase online can lead to more questions, but if you choose a trusted retailer with a strong focus on the online experience, you’ll have an easier, stress-free time. Clean Origin has 100+ ring styles, free shipping, free resizing, AND a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. No matter how you choose to go about ring shopping (whether together or a total surprise), doing so from home rather than fighting crowds locally (especially during the holidays… we’re tired just thinking of it!) is a super simple, convenient option.

Engagement rings by ClearOrigins

2. You’ll likely have a wider selection. Again, especially during the holidays when everyone is going in-store and competing for the best selection. Online businesses are able to put their entire selection up for perusal, rather than a small selection to display. Clean Origin is a great example, as they have diamonds (alone or in a setting), rings (alone or with a diamond), bands, sets, earrings, and bracelets all for you to browse at once. They make it really easy to browse your fave styles based on shape, style, and more. In-store, you often see limited possibilities of a ring or setting, whereas online you can get a feel for what your customizations will look like.

Engagement rings by ClearOrigins

3. No pushy salesmen. OMG! Doesn’t just the thought of getting trapped by a pushy salesperson take all the fun out of choosing an engagement ring? #1 perk of shopping online, in our opinions. But don’t worry, avoiding a potentially awkward experience by skipping the store doesn’t mean you are opting out of help when you need it. We’ll chat more about this below…

Engagement rings by ClearOrigins

4. You can choose a retailer with 24/7 customer service. What in-store experience offers that? Sites like Clean Origin, who are 3rd generation jewelers, offer 24/7 customer service by phone and email. They also offer a 100-day money back guarantee on all purchases. So while you cut out the unwanted pressure and hassle of an in-person experience, you still get the care and attention you’d want when making an investment… even better tailored to you and your schedule.

Engagement rings by ClearOrigins

5. You’re more inclined to do your research. When shopping in-person it can be very hard to do all the research required of an engagement ring purchase. Ethical diamond retailers like Clean Origin and others tend to have so much more information readily available for consumers, all right on their homepage or FAQ section.

For example, you might be interested in learning the difference between mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. (BTW, did you know that the only difference between a lab-created + mined diamond is its origin?) You might also wonder how lab-grown diamonds can be the exact same as a mined one but cost so much less. Clean Origin explains that right here on their website. Spoiler alert, less expensive does not mean cheaper. So so good to know, right?

It’s tough to learn all the ins-and-outs when it comes to something as important as an engagement ring, especially with its complicated history. To us, that’s one major reason to head online rather than in-store. All the info is at your finger tips, and with Clean Origin, there’s always someone to help.

Head to cleanorigin.com to shop all the above + more!

*This post was in collaboration with Clean Origin.

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