How to make the perfect naked cake

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Whoohoo, the long weekend is *finally* here! What do you guys have planned? Just the time to perfect your skills in the cake department. We wanted to share this super quick video we made for our bridal shower inspiration shoot with Crate and Barrel. Watch below to see how to frost and fill the perfect naked cake in no time at all, thanks to the talented Sheila Mae.

Much easier than it seems, right? Let us know if you give it a try!

Cake Demo: Sheila Mae / Video: California Electric

Social Love

Christine on May 22, 2015

The video makes it look so easy...however, I mine would not look like this :\

Alice on Jan 19, 2016

I just found your video, and I really really hope you don't normally just poke the flowers in like that for clients and such. (Not that it's good to teach that either) Someone could get very sick from this! It's plain carelessness/laziness. For anyone viewing this, the proper way to put flowers on ANY cake (food safe) is to wrap them with floral tape from the base of the flower the tip. Then wrap them in a bit of plastic wrap. And then, insert them into the cake. Also a side note to anyone doing this as a business, make sure to include in your contract a clause that states any flowers will be put on by me (the cake decorator) and no florist may insert flowers. This will save many a bride heartache and a ruined cake or poisoned guest.

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