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It’s Monday, it usually takes a while to settle into the work week, soooo it’s kind of the perfect time to start your wedding registry, no? There’s the obvious go-to registry gifts like the fancy blender, shiny set of knives and more to registry for, but we say think bigger, and more personal! Think cooking classes (perfect date night idea!), annual museum passes, season tickets for your favorite sports team, etc. That’s why we love SimpleRegistry. You can get super creative and put any item from anywhere on one wedding registry.

Register with SimpleRegistry  | 100 Layer Cake

Check out everything you can do with your SimpleRegistry wedding registry, then go and create yours!

* Add Anything to a Registry — Any item from any store on one registry. Even non-tangible stuff like season tickets, indoor skydiving sessions, or a donation to a favorite charity. Literally *anything* that can be thought up can be added to a registry.
* Split Pricey Items to Smaller Portions — Let’s face it, there probably aren’t many people that will buy someone their entire honeymoon. However, almost everyone has at least 20 friends that would be willing to chip in $100 each to put towards your special getaway. ‘Tis the beauty of group-gifting at any price level.
* Setup is Easy (and Fun) — Customizing a registry is easy with purpose-built tools like the SimpleAdder (bookmarklet for adding any item from any website with one-click), free Mobile App (scan barcodes or snap a photo of anything and add it to the registry), and Instant Registry for those in a hurry (pre-made lists of professionally curated items).

Register with SimpleRegistry  | 100 Layer Cake

* Let Others Suggest Cool Items — Why should you have to think up everything you’ll need on a registry? Registry creation is crowdsourced with their new Item Suggestions feature. Easily send people (with the best taste, of course) a custom version of the SimpleAdder tool that allows them to suggest items from any website in the world. You have complete power over which suggested items to add – and which to ignore.
* All Gifts Redeemed as Cash — When your wedding is over all gifts are redeemed directly as cash for the ultimate in flexibility. Newer model of that camera since the registry was created? Different color of that blender desired? No problem! Just tell SimpleRegistry when you’re ready to receive your gifts and they send a check or deposit funds directly to the couple’s checking or PayPal account.
* Saying “Thank You” Made Easy — Instantly generated list of all guests, the gift(s) they provided, amounts, and their full contact information.

See what we mean? Super easy. And the possibilities of gifts you can add is pretty much endless. You can even support local artisans by adding handmade goods from Etsy. Head over to SimpleRegistry to create your unique wedding registry today!

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