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Services like Postable have pretty much changed and saved our lives. If you haven’t heard about them, you’re going to love them then immediately tell all your friends about them, promise. Postable aims to neutralize the 2 worst parts of your wedding: gathering everyone’s mailing addresses & writing all your thank you cards. From the engagement gifts to the shower gifts to the wedding gifts, it’s a LOT of thank you cards & Postable makes it manageable while keeping it totally personal… and affordable at $2.00 a card + stamp!


Srsly, this is how easy it is to use Postable:

* You type all your thank you cards on the site (no more carpal tunnel), Postable prints them, puts them in an envelope, stamps them, and mails them directly to everybody for you. You can even make it look like you wrote them by hand by choosing some of their fun fonts.

* In addition to the 12 ultra-realistic handwriting fonts, there are a bunch of stylized choices like “vintage typewriter” and other ways to customize your cards.

* Their card selection is top notch. Best part is, they’re working with some of the best designers out there like Rifle Paper Co. & Fawnsberg to design some of their cards. Check out some of the designs here.

* They don’t use flimsy cards either. You have a choice to have them printed on the highest quality 100% cotton, tree-free paper or 100% post consumer recycled paper.

See the entire process in their cute video…

Love it, right? Pop over to Postable to get started!

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@sashbuzz on Jun 3, 2013


Bridal Mentor on Jun 3, 2013

As some who personally HATED writing thank you cards, I think this is a GENIUS idea. Brides have very little time once they get back into the real world and writing thank you notes some how never make it to the top of your priority list. And to make it worse - thank you cards don't end after the wedding. There are so many more moments in life ahead where notes are required and I think I might need to look into Postable to keep myself sane. :)

Meg on Jun 3, 2013

This is awesome! Why didn't I know about this when I got married?

Bridepower on Jun 3, 2013

Awesome! Would love to hear from someone who has received one!

Bridechilla™ (@bridechillas) on Jun 3, 2013

This will save our gals sooo much time. Thank you!

Karen | Bird and Fox on Jun 14, 2013

I think it's a great idea! My husband and I are designers though and have another idea of how we wanted to send thank you cards which involves making some prints of our wedding photos. But it's taking a bit longer to get those files from the photographer so we're debating using Postable again! In fact, today in the mail - we received a card in 100% post-consumer recycled paper in a lovely Rifle Paper design from Postable! It's genius - they're sending it to people who have signed up and used Postable since it's been up as a "Thank You" for using the service. It really helps to have the card i your hand and see how well it works! :)

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