Festive Holiday dinner party

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large harvest table covered in wildflower centerpieces

Coming together to celebrate over a rustic farm-fresh meal set on a large harvest table covered in wildflower centerpieces, pillar candles, air plants atop beautiful blush linens and cedar napkin blooms sounds kinda amazing, right? It has the makings of sentimental memories and great conversation written all over it. It’s the kind of dinner party you want to both host and attend, and it’s a night florist Erica Smolders of Rook and Rose and designers Ellie Chapple and Tara Hurst curated for a dozen friends at the historic China Town loft in British Columbia’s Vancouver Island.

green flower bud vases

green leaf napkin accents

wildflower vase

twinkle garland lighting

festive fall dinner

planter box centerpiece

pillar candles on ceramic stands, surrounded by air plants

farm fresh buffet and mason jar beverages

mason jar beverages and cupcakes

vintage lantern and farm fresh buffet

festive dinner party guests

green leaf and floral crown

friends festive dinner party

Cheers to Friday and for dinner with friends!

For a few more snaps pop over to the Kinfolk Magazine Journal.

Photography: AMERIS Photography / Flowers & Decor: Rook & Rose / Catering: The London Chef / Invitations, Place Cards, Menus: Tara Hurst Design
Table & Chair Rentals: Pedersen’s

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@WeddingReports on Dec 7, 2012

Festive Holiday dinner party http://t.co/vq4XrLVF via @100LayerCake #wedding

Silvia - Magnolia wedding mentor on Dec 7, 2012

adore the atmosphere and the flowers decor!

@clubwedd on Dec 7, 2012

Coming together to celebrate over a rustic farm-fresh meal set on a large harvest table covered in wildflower ce... http://t.co/GzyD5y07

@helenChupp on Dec 7, 2012

Festive Holiday dinner party http://t.co/ZCDD5RBm

Yelle on Dec 7, 2012

Such a beautiful dinner party! What dreams are made of!

@100LayerCake on Dec 7, 2012

This is the kind of dinner party you want to both host and attend, no? http://t.co/pbbtHnTJ

Diana from BloomsByTheBox on Dec 7, 2012

This is such a cozy party! My favorite is the floral head band, really sweet!

@krystlepeskie on Dec 7, 2012

Yes, yes, YES“@100LayerCake: This is the kind of dinner party you want to both host and attend, no? http://t.co/jNt1fmmA”

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