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Happy Friday guys! This e-sesh is one of the sweetest and the perfect inspiration for any fall engagement shoots you might have coming up. The reasoning behind it was simple. Highlight the treasure there is to just living life with one another. To Arlina + Dusty that meant having Cluney Photo capture their most favorite times together – the mundane moments of running errands or spending time in the kitchen prepping for dinner, except Arlina got to wear a pretty flowy dress.

vegetable picking engagement session

freshly picked veggies

romantic engagement session

Dusty & I met very casually. We had all the same acquaintances and saw each other often but it wasn’t until after a few years of being in the same place at the same time that we realized we had so much in common, including an interest in each other! Almost as soon as we sheepishly confessed our liking for one another, Dusty got a job that would move him five hours away, just like that. We chose to build our friendship from there based on a lot of trust, a lot of one-person road trips & “missing you” letters, a lot of late night minutes on the phone, and a LOT of good ol’ communication. But, nevertheless it was always worth it to us if it meant someday when the timing was right, we could be together and that was essentially what we longed for.

romantic outdoor engagement session

romantic engagement session

light purple maxi dress and tan floppy hat

wild flower garden

wild flower bouquet

flowing sweetheart cut maxi dress

farm to table engagement shoot

farm to table engagement shoot

farm to table engagement shoot

cozy homemade dinner engagement session

Love, love, love how Arlina describes the meaning behind their engagement shoot..

When it came to our engagement session we really wanted to highlight the treasure there is to just living life with one another. Our dating years were filled with the most ordinary of memories but it was the mundane of grabbing some grub or running errands that became some of our most favorite times together. Dusty’s family lives in a beautiful house with an immaculate garden built from scratch. Being in the garden and picking fresh vegetables or gorgeous flowers helps us remember how blessed we are to be a part of an ordinary life that can be converted into a handmade story uniquely depicted by us. We may not always have days filled with extraordinary sightseeing or live in a million dollar home but, we’ll be cooking eggs in routine every morning, sleeping on a bed without sheets when we’re too tired to finish the laundry that night and in the process be so extremely and utterly happy with our simple yet oh-so-very-lovely little life. Soon we’ll be doing our ‘everyday’, together and we couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than that!

Social Love

Jennifer B on Oct 5, 2012

As a rule, I generally detest the concept of engagement photos but I absolutely ADORE these. Now this is a photo shoot concept I can get behind. Such a happy, honest & good-looking couple. I wish them the best of luck & happiness! Also, those veggies look delicious!

Michael I. Alcantara on Oct 5, 2012

These photographs came out great.

(@100LayerCake) (@100LayerCake) on Oct 5, 2012

This couple wanted their e-sesh to highlight their favorite times together - the sweet & mundane moments:

Nancy on Oct 5, 2012

Wow, that is a really awesome concept and engagement shoot! Love the fact that they're capturing the ordinary...because I think that's what marriage is all about - sharing in the everyday nuances =) Super cute! Congrats to the happy couple!!!

Mira Duong on Oct 5, 2012

Gorgeous pictures, but the one of Arlina and Dusty laying their heads next to each other is just so classy and out of this world! Should be in an exhibit show!

A Day in May Design on Oct 7, 2012

Love that they chose to depict the simple moments in life that can make a relationship so special. In a relationship, it's not always big romance and gestures, but having the person you love by your side to make every little thing better and brighter.

Jacquelyn {Jacquelyn Jackson Photography} on Oct 7, 2012

I absolutely love these gorgeous pictures!

charmingdate scam on Oct 9, 2012

Great post!

Kristina Juarbe {Thirty Three and a Third} on Oct 10, 2012

Absolutely love this!!

Jen Marsden on Oct 21, 2012

What a touching and personal way of recording the special moments that have helped shape the decision to get married! I love it.

Taylor on Nov 2, 2012

where is her dress from?? I LOVE IT! I would like it for my own engagement photo shoot :)

Andree K. on Dec 3, 2013

I love how relaxed and comfortable the couple look. Their energy really came through.

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