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If you can possibly believe it (we can’t!), we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of our site. OMG what a year. And part of the awesomeness that this year has brought is getting to know soooo many amazing vendors (and venues) that we didn’t before through our guide. We are constantly finding new, creative members of the wedding community on our site, and that makes us so happy!

Because it means that brides and grooms are finding these talented people too!

Designsgirl calligraphy has just the right amount of sophisticated whimsy.  |  The minimalist and modern jewelry from Elephantine is the perfect accent to your wedding wardrobe. Her pieces would also make amazing holiday gifts!  |  NorCal brides, Kate Miller Events offers tailored planning services, customized to fit your budget.  |  With backgrounds in interior design, store display, and fashion styling, Minneapolis company Munster Rose creates beautiful, inspired floral creations.  |  We took one look at Aerialist Press and were totally smitten..delicious letterpress details, and affordable too!  |  Based in Poseyville, Indiana (how cute, right?) Allie Ruth Design creates colorful, textured bespoke invitations.

And here’s a handful of amazing photographer gems we’ve discovered! Jess Graham Photography, based in Dallas, TX  |  Joyeuse Photography up in Northern California  |  Ryan Ray in Texas  |  Myrtle and Marjoram in CA  |  All You Need is Love in NYC  |  Paige Lowe Photography  |  The Photography of Haley Sheffield, down in Georgia  |  Stacy Newgent in Indianapolis  |  Melissa Hayes Photography serving Chicago and New York

At $100/year, there isn’t a better deal going on the internet if you ask us. Thinking of signing up? Do it now! Our rates are going up at the first of the year, but our current members will always pay the rate we charged when they joined. Even if you’re with us in 10 years, you’ll still be paying only about $9/month if you sign up now.

Those of you who are already part of our community, have we told you lately how much we love having every single one of you on our site? YOU make 100LC the super cute resource for brides and grooms that it is!

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bridal girl on Nov 23, 2011

Congratulations. All your vendors in here are really to die for. Thanks for sharing and hoping that you will have more great years to come.

Eden on Nov 23, 2011

Congrats on the anniversary :)

k8te on Nov 23, 2011

I had no idea your site was so young!! It's so fabulous, I had never gone back to see the original posts. But I'd assumed it's been around for a while. I've been reading since I got engaged in December last year. Congrats - can't wait to see more of the amazing things you do!

100layercake on Nov 23, 2011

K8te... our blog is coming up on its 3 year anniversary in February, but our website is only about a year old!

k8te on Nov 23, 2011

ohhhh, guess i should learn to read better. anyways - congrats on the WEBSITE anniversary! :)

Wedding Car [email protected] on Nov 24, 2011

Photography work is really amazing. These lovely pictures makes that special moment lively forever, Thanks for sharing....

Lisa on Nov 25, 2011

wowow!!! how faulous these photographies are!!! especially the picture from joyuse photography! i like the touch!

Bella Benefield on Dec 8, 2011

Great collection of vendors! I really enjoyed the collection of creative photographers being added to your site. Bon chance, Bella

Jenn Blechman on Dec 10, 2011

Wow congrats Paige! I was just catching up on some of my blogs and saw you featured here. You are seriously amazing. You and Kaitlin need to photograph my wedding someday...

adsf on Jan 10, 2012

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