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For this Friday we thought we’d send you off crafting with a sweet DIY project from Ez of Creature Comforts. Below she’ll explain how to make fabric feather boutonnieres. She’ll also show you how to dress feathers up as wedding favors and slip one or more into your hair for a carefree bohemian look. But once you have mastered how to create the feathers the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

diy fabric feathers

diy fabric feathers

Download feather template
Cotton Linen and linen-look fabrics in 1/8 yd strips
Jute Twine
Corsage Pins
32 Gauge White Cloth Floral Wire
Avery Permanent Glue Stick
Craft Scissors
Fine-tipped fabric scissors
(optional) Vintage buttons
(optional) Cardstock paper and pen for writing tags
(optional) Decorative Bird Nest
(optional) Bissinger’s Salted Margarita Caramels

diy fabric feathers

Step 1: Download and print the provided feather templates onto cardstock or standard-weight paper. Cut around each shape leaving the notched portions uncut.
Step 2: Protect your work surface with a piece of clean scrap paper. Lay down a portion of fabric correct-side down (if using a patterned fabric) that is at least 2″ wide x 9″ long. Test to be sure that your feather template fits onto one half the length of your fabric. Apply glue stick liberally to one half of your fabric leaving the other half untreated. Place a length of floral wire that is at least 6″ long into the middle of the glued portion, taking care to keep it as straight as possible. Leave several inches of wire hanging off the edge of your fabric (this will be trimmed later, if needed). Once you are happy with the position of your wire, fold the non-glued side of your fabric down onto the sticky side, sandwiching the wire inside. Rub the back of your thumbnail firmly over the surface of the fabric to adhere. For best results allow wired fabric to dry before proceeding to the next step. If you will be making a lot of feathers, it is a good idea to prepare them all at once to minimize your waiting time.
Step 3: Place desired feather template onto your prepared fabric. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut around the outside of feather template leaving notched portions uncut.
Step 4: Once satisfied with the feather shape, cut out notched portions of your feather using the template as your guide. You can also cut these shapes out freehand, or cut multiple slits around your entire feather for a look that has more texture. You can even dress your feathers up with dots using the tip of a fine-tipped permanent marker! No two feathers in nature are ever the same, so have fun with it and don’t worry about making them perfect.

diy fabric feathers

Step 5: Once all your feathers have been cut, choose which feathers you will use for your boutonniere. Just remember that there is no wrong arrangement.

diy fabric feathers

Step 6: Once feathers have been selected, place them together as you would like them arranged in the boutonniere. Then starting at the base of the feathers twist the wires together tightly until you reach the end of the wires. Fold the twisted wires upward and to the back of your feathers, so that it forms a loop at the bottom end of the feathers. This wired loop will become the “stem” of your boutonniere and can be any length that you would like. Anywhere between .75″ to 1.25″ looks great. Twist at the top like you are closing a twistie-tie (behind the feathers) to secure and use craft scissors to trim excess wire ends.
Step 7: To wrap the end of your boutonniere, begin by cutting a length of jute twine that is approximately 14″ long. Tie the twine in a tight knot around the top of the exposed wire, leaving one length of twine of approximately 4″ length hanging out at one side.
Step 8: Grasp the short end of twine in one hand and use the other hand to begin tightly wrapping the longer length of twine downward and around the exposed wire loop.
Step 9: Once you near the bottom of your boutonniere, continue to wrap back up towards your starting position (you do not need to use all the twine if it doesn’t fit). Finish by knotting your two ends together with a double knot or a bow. If you’d like to attach a button, thread it onto the ends of your twine, secure ends in back with a double knot and trim off excess. Pin onto lapel with a boutonniere pin.

diy fabric feathers

diy fabric feathers

Can’t you see this project as a great theme to carry throughout your wedding? We can see them also being used as napkin rings, tucked within your bouquet or if you’re really ambitious you could create some feather garlands.

Thanks Ez for sharing this project and happy crafting everyone!

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Nina on Sep 2, 2011

How cool is this idea, thanks for the tutorial it`s really useful, love it, love it and the blog your are great.

Jené on Sep 2, 2011

This is such a great and simple diy. I love fabric feathers!

Erin Skye on Sep 2, 2011

I love these! Soo cute <3

An Authentic Life on Sep 2, 2011

Wow, Your site is BE-A-U-TIFUL!!! I'll be back for more inspiration!! Katie from An Authentic

Bri Land on Sep 2, 2011

Love, Love, LOVE this! I'm a sucker for fabric. I'm a sucker for feathers. Putting them together is genius!

{leah} on Sep 2, 2011

Gorgeous work! I've seen the fabric feathers before, but I love the delicateness of yours! And your color choices and arrangements are beautiful!

Connie @ Daydream In Color on Sep 2, 2011

These are so simple and lovely. I want to make them to top everything!

Marichelle on Sep 2, 2011

Love love love. I cannot wait to give this a try!!! xo

Barbara L on Sep 3, 2011

Great idea. I'm going to try & make some to use in my art journals. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy/FancieStrands on Sep 4, 2011

I love this idea. Cant wait to give it a try. Thanks!

Anne Book on Sep 5, 2011

this is really cute! Great job Ez! I like the idea of making them like leaves as well and they are darling on the favors, napkin, welcome details. Hope you had a nice weekend.

Barbara L on Sep 5, 2011

Well, I made some and they came out just like you showed us to do. What a great teaching tool. Thanks ever so much for sharing. Barbara L.

Naturally Yours Events on Sep 5, 2011

I love this idea, especially for gift/favor wrapping. Super cute and a nice personal touch.

Anittah on Sep 7, 2011

Ooh, I bet you could easily pimp this for an autumn / fall leaf shape too! Thank you!

siany on Sep 12, 2011

it's waay too cute! I love the color, and everybody can use a touch of feather on almost any craft thank you for sharing

Annabella Merlin on Sep 12, 2011

Dear, you definitely have the talent of a crafter! The feathers are lovely and it makes an elegant finishing touch! Thanks for sharing this to us!

Momo San on Sep 15, 2011

Thanks for this post! I'm begining to do artesanal accesories but I don't like to use materials from animals (except fallen feathers I find on the ground, f.e.) and I needed a tutorial like this. You do an excellent work, I follow it from long time ago.

Karrie on Sep 18, 2011

Great idea!! I see a wreath in my future!!

Geeta on Sep 19, 2011

love cute...

Grace on Sep 20, 2011

These are so pretty! xx Grace Dream-Boating

Aneta on Sep 28, 2011

Love this tutorial, my kids will love it :)

Ashley, Indie Atlantic Films on Sep 29, 2011

This is AWESOME! Can't wait to try it!

Eliza on Oct 1, 2011

This is absolute genius! A perfect, versatile accessory / accent!

Shirna on Oct 10, 2011

its somehow unique putting leaves into nest for wedding favors..I can say that your artwork is simple and easy to follow to..but it is very useful in many ways..and you've used them in a unique way...

Magen on Oct 16, 2011

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Smila on Oct 27, 2011

Thanks alot for this great tutorial. The feathers are so pretty! I just tried it out:

Brooke on Nov 30, 2011

Find out how we used these cute little feathers...

JoyHey on Dec 9, 2011

Excellent and so creative!! :) Thanks for the inspiration - blogged it here:

Felicity on Dec 9, 2011

I'm a huge feather fan and this will be a craft activity that will bring much pleasure in the making but also in the giving as I'm going to be adding these to my Christmas wrappings this year. Many thanks and happy weekend!

chantal on Jan 2, 2012

lovely idea!

sheila on Mar 2, 2012

very pretty, I'd like to do them with organza or voile and spray adhesive.

Krasart on Mar 18, 2012

I love this project! It is so simple and beautiful! I shared it on my blog, check here and link it back to you. Thanks again!

.amanda. on Jul 12, 2012

oh these look like a lot of fun to make! I want to try a crown of feathers in gold! oh...

Nicki Traikos on Dec 10, 2012

So cute! I can't wait to try them!

JustKraft on Apr 14, 2013

This is very cute. Easy way of making a feather.

Nicki Traikos on May 14, 2013

I gave these a whirl and LOVED them!! Thanks for posting, here is my version of them

sh7fe8bwsyebf on Jun 15, 2013


Carmen Lucero on Feb 25, 2014

Thanks for such an easy tutorial!! My head is spinning with ideas!!

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